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Marina Inoue 


I already said it, but happy happy happy birthday to my best friend and sister forever, @tablshan. I love you so much Tab, no matter how near or far! ❤️❤️❤️

@bookofsamuel finds his way as a boulderer, earning his beer with 35 V points in a day (warm ups not included, sorry Sam). @frictionlabs #sportclimbersgonebouldering

What factors into success? Is it training? Determination? Luck? What is the motivation? Is it deeply personal? To be validated by achieving a lofty goal? Is it to be praised by others? What does it do to you to put all of yourself into one thing, knowing failure is possible? I’ve had a lot of questions this season. I can’t help but wonder what the fuck is going on sometimes, with myself, with my climbing, and on a much larger scale, the world. I don’t have many answers. All I know is I paid for this one in time, blood, sweat, and skin. And that this was a long caption- thanks for your patience. Dark Age (V11). 📸: @k_byrdd. @frictionlabs

Hueco beach vacation forever. 📸: @edwinteran. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters #sweatyhueco

Sometimes it’s one step forward three steps back. But the one step forward counts for a lot in bouldering, where the success of a day can be figuring out a single foot move 🤦🏻‍♀️. Here is Crimp crimping. @frictionlabs

Chris partying on Ministry of Truth like it’s 1984. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

Vera climbs into the light on a last go best go send of The Long Haul. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

The return of the Tomer tour featuring @brenghis_khan @k_byrdd @stella.the.giant, Kwang and Kurt 🙌🏽. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

@jhoughto ticking the crimptastic Frogger off the list for one last Hueco boulder 🐸✔️. @frictionlabs

@titaniumlou- aka Noodle Lou- cooked himself up al dente today and got saucy on the spicy Focus 🍝@frictionlabs #chalkmatters

When you’re a @brenghis_khan sports climbing on a boulder. This season, West is best. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

When you feel like you’ve had a whatever day, but you win the award for most savage. @jhoughto

@k_byrdd remembering that a large percentage of climbing in Hueco Tanks is crawling. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

Another view of the same boulder, with Kwang on the send.

@_patbailey taking down the Echo Chamber. This boulder is all time. Look at those slopers 😍

Nuns on Their Knees. Friend-send with @_patbailey! Last season photo from @powercompanyclimbing. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

Siiiiiiick rigs. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

@jhoughto getting turnt on Planet Zeist. Exciting, windy (and bloody) excursion to the top of West Mountain. @frictionlabs #chalkmatters

Team send with @_ntvs_ on 99 Heroin Balloons. Ticking off the last of the obscure El Norte moderates one by one. @frictionlabs

Crispy day out there trying to haul my ass off the ground. New Year, same failures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last sunset of the year. See you NEVER 2017.

Uh oh. Dezert dawg.


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