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Marina Inoue  @frictionlabs @tensionclimbing @marina_inoue is where you can find my professional life.

I straddle two different worlds, two different lives that barely intersect. Sometimes it’s hard to explain one side to the other. I’ve found myself lost in tattooing, then lost in climbing. With no regrets or complaints, it can still feel challenging. Slowly I’m learning how to weave parts together. It’s not about balance, really. It’s learning how to navigate the constant push and pull when you love two things deeply. But some people never love anything- how lucky am I to have two?

I pulled the ripcord on a whim and found myself driving from Bishop to Las Vegas. With a bad attitude, I’d sort of sworn off Vegas in the past, but I arrived with a changed perspective, new psych. Despite a little inclement weather, it’s been a ridiculously fun 48 hours. What can I say- at 33, I’m just still learning.

America’s West.

A very chill, natural and comfortable heel hook. 📸: @wongjonsilver

THAT LIGHT. •@tensionclimbing

I’ve been in Bishop for about two weeks now. This is all the trash I’ve picked up from the boulders. This isn’t about self-righteousness. I know we’re all imperfect beings. But I genuinely believe we can do better. So pick up your fucking trash, and then pick up someone else’s too.

When young people ascend double digits to the cumbre and it’s basically in a different elevation zone.

s o u l s l i n g e r. 📸: @calder_davey@tensionclimbing

Brett was spotting Evan with an excellent and attentive sportsman-like posture, but I cropped him right out of this photo because it looks more exciting this way.

And today was the day that I fell in love with Bishop.

Big moves, tufa-ish pinches, a kneebar to heel hook situation, and wide compression make Redrum Sit a ✨👌🏼✨ boulder. Also very thankful my bad left shoulder survived this move, because yikes. 📸: @pangtastic. •@tensionclimbing

Come for the climbing, stay for the views. When it comes to snapping a photo, they do all the work for you.

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