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When you’ve gained a bit of weight on your holiday but it’s algood as your tits look bigger than your head now #winning #positivevibes #stopfatshaming

Had the best last meal before heading off to Sydney❤️

Thank you Jerome 😊 was awesome bday party 🌅🌴🇻🇺

Someone asked me yesterday how am I so happy and have such a positive life and vibe despite the fact that I’ve been so hated and shit on in public.
It’s so easy to be happy. I am proud of who I am, and not ashamed of how someone else sees me.
A NEGATIVE mind will never give you a POSITIVE life. I see GOOD in every situation even though at first you might think something is end of the world, but there’s ALWAYS something good in every bad situation.
Never blame anyone, when something goes unexpectedly. Good people give you HAPPINESS, bad people give you EXPERIENCE, the worst people will give you a LESSON and the best people will give you MEMORIES.
Stop focusing on how STRESSED you are and remember how BLESSED you are!!! #positivevibes #positivethinking

When I first met you I did not see you as someone who’s going be a part of my life. I was so busy pinpointing my mistakes, drowning myself in regrets. I did not realised that there is a man, who sees me as a perfect one.
What good have i done in this world to deserve you?! How can the world be so good, that it has a living man who loves me like you do.
I just wanted to say thank you for not giving up on me. I know I’ve ignored you many times for months, yet you still wanted to be a part of me, and me to be a part of you.
I know im selfish and i have unbearable flaws, I’ve wished to be perfect so i could fit in for you. I did not realised that you stopped looking at my flaws or you really did not looked at it when i served all kinds of them in front of you. You accepted them with open arms.
Thank you for making me feel loved, beautiful and worth it EVERYDAY!
I wish i have an unending time to spend with you. I have you as my partner in everything i want to do, in everything i do!
I cannot believe that you exist.. that you are my BOYFRIEND!!.. I can’t believe that you are real... that we are real.. I can’t believe that you are loving me in a way I didn’t expect any man will do.
I love you very much and I can’t contain myself from doing it.
Thank you for everything! Your love, memories, support. I hope we conquer all the problems we are going to face in the future. May we always choose the love that we have for each other over our pride.
Thank you and i love you!
Always, all ways.

When the indians cry and the eagles die

What do we love? WATER! How much do we love it? A LOT! I know we only known each other for 7 months and we only been together for 3 months today, but we been through and experiencing more than most couples in 3 years. Im blessed to have you as a life partner and excited to do the future with you. What a fun times ahead of us.

What a beautiful day in the tropics

My heart❤️is pure & my booty🍑real

2+2 is 4 titties *quick maths*

One of my kind 🐍 (other photos were apparently against the standards)

Island girl

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