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Mari ✩ Fitness  💪🏼Strong Inside & Out @marifitnessguides 🎥 Youtuber: Mari Fitness 🌱Owner: @bloomsupps 📍Boulder, CO 🌞 Guides, Bands & More click the link below 🌞

Happy Easter/Holiday Weekend Peeps!! 🐣 We’re off for some BBQ cuz its treat nighhhhtttt!!!! What are your plans?? Love you guys 💕#summerslay19

ABS SZN IS APPROACHING!!! 👙 Don’t forget to Like ❤️ Tag 👯‍♀️ n Save for later to support ya girl!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️
99% of the time I train abs at home! At the end of weight training I am literally dying 😂 so I end up skipping abs. Doing it separately at home has ensured I never miss it 💪🏼These are some of my faves right now!!! ⬇️
1️⃣ Weighted Sit Up: x20
2️⃣ Leg Lifts: x15
3️⃣ Elevated Crunch: x25 (awesome for lower abs)
4️⃣ Crunch Variation: x20
5️⃣ Plank Dips: x10 each side
LMK if you try this loves!!! 💞

It’s not just about physical appearances. It’s about discovering what you can do, and WHO you can be. It’s about living life to your fullest potential. It’s about never having to wonder WHAT IF.
Fitness has given me so much more than a strong body. It has prepared me for hard times. It has taught me discipline. It has taught me to LOVE my body. It has shown me how to push myself beyond what I thought I could do. It has taught me to never give up on myself. Let’s do this together 💪🏼 Time to STOP wondering what if ❤️ and start living your best life ✨

So I have a lot of new followers who may not know about me!!! Here are some quick facts 😋 Let me know in the comments where YOU are from & what your passion is!! I can’t wait to read your stories ⬇️
✅ I have lived in 3 countries! Switzerland, England & the US
✅ I moved to NY when I was 10
✅ I studied Design & Merchandising at Drexel University
✅ Here I met my life partner & business partner 🤗 My sorority was next door to his fraternity
✅ In college I was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder)
✅ I also gained weight rapidly and weighed 250lbs my senior year
✅ After moving back home I went on a mission of self improvement: inside & out
✅ I lost 70lbs plus weightlifting, graduated, transformed my mental health & started my own business!
✅ Greg & I also started a supplement company! @bloomsupps ✅ Now, my passion is helping other women discover their strength. Becoming the best version of themselves everyday 💪🏼
Tell me about YOU!!! ⬇️❤️

Happy Sunday Fam!! 🌈 Had an amazing day of sunshine, plus a glute workout, some spring cleaning ✨ & meetings 🤗 So pumped to film new YouTube video for you guys tomorrow!! What do you want to see?? A recipe with Greg, a vlog, a sit down informational style video? Let me know! ⬇️ So Happy you guys have been loving the content so much ❤️

SHAPE THOSE SHOULDERS! 💪🏼 My favorite muscle group to train 🤗 Don’t forget to Like ❤️ Tag ya friends 👯‍♀️ & Save for later to support ya girl!
It’s been a hot minute since I posted a workout!!! Building up your shoulders is so so important for overall upper body development. Plus, they look pretty cute in a tank top 😎 Summer is right around the corner!!! Eeeeek! Let’s do it! ⬇️
1️⃣ Standing Overhead Press: 3x15 (Awesome for developing your core as well as your shoulders!)
2️⃣ Side Laterals: 3x15 (A shoulder ESSENTIAL)
3️⃣ Rear Delt Flies: 3x25 (A lighter weight movement, essential for developing the back of your shoulders!)
4️⃣ Plate Raises into Overhead Press: 6 reps each exercise x 3
5️⃣ Cable Upright Row: 3x20
LMK if you guys try this!! 😍 Workout powered by @bloomsupps

Learn to clap for YOURSELF! 👏🏼
A HUGE mistake that I have made, and I see many people make is expecting to be rewarded/acknowledged by others during your fitness journey. Greg & I went over this in my latest video, and it seemed to resonate with so many of you. It’s a harsh, but real reality. And a great learning lesson in life. Nobody is going to be more invested in your journey than YOU! And that is OK!
For the first 5-6 months of my journey I trained at the same gym every day. In that space of time I lost around 50/60lbs. I saw the same workers at the front desk everyday. None of them acknowledged my weight loss, until the last day when someone asked if I had ‘lost a couple of pounds’ 😂 It hurt, to say the least. But more importantly it taught me that I cannot expect others to reward me. I have to reward myself. This is one of the best lessons I have learned from this ENTIRE JOURNEY.
✅ Work when no one is watching
✅ Reward yourself (goal clothing, a fun meal out etc.)
✅ Don’t expect others to do so
✅ It’s YOUR journey! You’re doing this for YOU 🙌🏼
✅ Take this skill and apply it to other areas in your life
So happy this topic resonated with you guys 🤩 if you haven’t watched my video yet, go swipe up in my story 💕

It’s crazy to look at these photos and think about how different I am today. In just a couple of years I have dramatically changed my life. Not just my health & physique; but also my mindset, habits, work ethic, and relationships.
All of this change began with SMALL HABITS! One small step in the right direction to become someone you are PROUD of!
We are all capable of AMAZING things! I believe in you 💪🏼 From someone who has been rock bottom, depressed and barely able to get out of bed: I’ve been there. Keep pushing, keep developing NEW habits. We can do this ❤️ PS my supplement company @bloomsupps just launched a restock!!! 🌱

A much needed 3 day trip to relax, hang with Greg, wear something other than leggings 😂, and take some time away from the screens 💻📱Plus, we ran into some AWESOME Mari Fitness community friends out here 😭🥰 Now, we’re more excited than ever to get back to our routine 💪🏼 Bloom restock is tomorrow and we are READY! Love you guys ❤️👯‍♀️

Alexa, play California Gurls 😎🌴

Quick physique check in before we head to Palm Springs 🌴 for Greg’s BDay! Currently at 176lbs 🤗 Things have been slow & steady with this diet- which is exactly how I want it to be! I worked too hard for this muscle to let it all go 💪🏼
This summer slay has seriously made me feel so connected with all of you ❤️ Between our weekly videos, Facebook group challenges and many conversations, I’ve made so many awesome friendships. It’s inspiring to watch you all transform your lives. Excited to continue on this journey together 👯‍♀️🥰 If you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late ❤️

ABS AT HOME!! 👙 Don’t forget to LIKE ❤️ TAG 👯‍♀️ n SAVE for later to support ya girl!!!!
In honor of HOME GUIDE 2 (our most requested guide release) releasing TOMORROW (omg) I decided to show you guys an at home ab workout!! Lately I have been doing ALL my ab training at home 🏠 it literally takes me under 10 minutes and I feel my core getting stronger & stronger 💪🏼 Try this workout out!!! (As a circuit or each exercise one by one! Your choice!) ⬇️
1️⃣ Toe Touches x20 (use a DB, or a household object!)
2️⃣ Crunch Variation x10
3️⃣ Heel Touches x25
4️⃣ Plank Variation x20 foot taps
5️⃣ Flutter Kicks x As long as you can!!
Let me know if you try this!!! 🥰 Keep an eye on my story for Home Guide 2 Release details!!!!

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