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Marika Leïla Roux  🥀


Editing editing editing...
New tutorials and updates to come soon on @shibari.study!
💖 #shibaristudy

OPUS Day 2 • Beautiful and bendy Bjørk in the Scorpion Suspension 🦂🖤 @kinbaku_lounge

Bendy and pretty Bjørk in my ropes during "OPUS - Day 3" in @kinbaku_lounge (Copenhagen) ♥️

I guess there's a self-suspension show about to happen... This first improvised research inspired me a lot, so I'll work on refining and pining down some moves and choreographing a full sequence 🖤 (This actually happened while practicing with @andreagalad.... if you know me, you are probably surprised that I want to tie a man... but he inspired me so much during the shooting in Berlin that I want to create a show with him in my ropes...YES! So keep your eyes open for some glorious solar male beauty in rope in the weeks to come!)

Suspended by @misserisofficial and coached by Rebecca for conscious and healthy body management in extreme poses... My natural flexibility was always a problem, because I can go into positions that my body isn't actually ready to handle in a healthy way. For the past 3 years I am working hard on building enough strength to hold and control my flexibility and avoid collapsing into my spine and joints. Yoga has helped me develop a physical awareness and control over my body that changed completely my approach to both modelling and rigging. If you wish to deepen your understanding of your body and learn how to use it in a *healthy* way in ropes, I highly recommend to get in touch with Rebecca... she can coach you live if you are in Berlin or via Skype sessions if you are far away
📩kiki.jackson@gmail.com 📩
#shibaristudy #shibarimodel #bodyawareness #flexibility #consciousmovement #healthymovement #yogaforrope #shibariyoga

Movement research with Rebecca and @misserisofficial 👧🏼🐾 #shibaristudy #aerial #movement #movementstudy

L'attente 💞
@misserisofficial in my ropes

New design for @shibari.study : Gorgone's STRAPPADO !
(variation of the Misungui/Butterfly Harnesses)
Practicing w/ @misserisofficial for the OPUS 5&6 💗
#shibaristudy #spoileralert

Practicing the ties and transitions for the new "OPUS Days 5&6" with @misserisofficial 💗 #shibaristudy #spoileralert

My shadow seems to have it's own life 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
Performing #studyonfalling with @misserisofficial
Photography @shantelliao (EURIX - Fall 2017)

Réflexions sur l'incarnation • "Mandorle"
By @dianavonhammache

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