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MARIE T  24 | NY📍FL Accounting & Technology 💪Fitness 🌱Nature 🌎Adventures

Just thinking about all the doggos I could fit in this backyard😍

lemme come aboard capt🛥

PC & boat creds: @avery_56_young lol

Whole lotta boat hoppin, float ploppin & booty droppin #BocaBash2019

And uh you know the drill..SWIPEEE left, but right on Tinder🤫

Floatopia was fun but Boca Bash we ready for yaaaa🤪

Easter with my lil hunny buns🐰🌸 #notmykids

Hey can I sit on ur float?? #Floatopia

Welcome to England🇬🇧
#inviteusonyourboat #wegottea

You should be here

Gotta eat cake to get cake ya feel?

Getting better at these with the help of my 🌴 friend and a little camera angle magic from some stranger on the beach who actually knew how to take a decent pic #bless 🤸‍♀️

idk if this is even yoga I’m just flexible🤷‍♀️🌴
And uh swipe to see a vid you’ve already seen on my story!

Back in my element⛰🧘‍♀️ Reallllly miss all the hiking I used to do when I lived in NY...but I guess that’s what vacations are for🤙

Also swipe to see a couple of Sasquatches on top of a mountain

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