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Happy Wednesday! Start your mornings with what makes you excited for the day! For me it’s my baby girl, coffee & some play time✨🐶
#happysocks #happinesseverywhere

Today I was reminded of how important community is! I’ve moved countries & while I have an amazing home team, I’m lacking the community of like minded people who love the same things I do.
I was feeling very defeated today & when I was in Portland,I could teach a class, train my clients or simply go for a run with one of my girls to reconnect or get energy.
Here I’m having a hard time connecting & engaging both of which are so important & powerful.
I challenge us to continue to fight for those connections, to be humbled & vulnerable enough to meet new people. We never know what someone can bring to our lives...✨✨ #newbeginnings #humble

#Amsterdam you never disappoint me! I’ll see you in a few weeks✨
#travel #lovinglife

#berlin you are beautiful & stole my 💛. Can’t wait to visit you again✨🙌🏻

Mobility is something that I hate working on, but I know it’s important for everything in life. If you want to get stronger, move without pain, feel great when you wake, increase your energy....then you need to train your mobility.
We have to take the time to train it just like you would if you were going to run a marathon or compete in sport. You can’t just jump into it, you need to start small & stay consistent.
I challenge you to take 15min each day to work on stretching, foam rolling, & doing full range of motion movements ✨
#smarttraining #mobility

I’m rarely a serious person, I like to keep things light hearted but sometimes I put my game face on & get after it. 💪🏻
Kettlebells are one of my favorite pieces of equipment to train with. They’re functional, challenging & work the smaller muscles/stabilizers that tend to get over powered when lifting w barbells.
#mondaymotivation #kettlebells

Just a few of the drills I did to kick my own a$$!! Check out below for the whole workout👇🏼 .
KB swings to front squats 3x6
Transverse lunges 3x6
Triceps push ups 3x8

Walking lunge w rotation 3x12
Sled push 3x20m (down & back)
Pull ups (overhand & underhand) 3x8
Slams 3x8 (heavy weight)
#traintuesday #smarttraining

Happy Monday friends, start your week with positive vibes & nothing else! Our mindset in which we take on life is very powerful✨
#mondaymotivation #postivevibesonly

Thinking about the weekend & thankful I get to go to my happy place☀️🌊🌴
#fridayvibes #srilanka

When you think about training, make sure that you’re moving in all planes of movement. That means doing exercises in the frontal & transverse plane not only the sagittal plane.
Side lunges are a great frontal plane movement to add to your workout💪🏻 #trainsmart #workoutwednesday

I’ve always been a sunset girl & the ones here truly take my breath away✨
#sunset #srilanka

Jumping into Monday like....write down your weeks intentions, have a plan & commit to having a badass week💪🏻✨

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