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Doing sprints is one of the fastest ways to get lean and you can do it anywhere. Try adding sprints to your weekly program.
1/2 mile warm up
1:1 sprint to recovery. Meaning if it takes you 45sec to sprint you rest for 45seconds💪🏻⚡️ #workoutwednesday

Waking up to a sunrise like this makes me grateful for the life I have & the world I live in! #srilanka #islandlife

Visualizing your future is part of preparation. If you see yourself in the place you want to be then you’re more likely to achieve that goal⚡️
#mondaymotivation #preparation

Make the world listen ✨
@Nikewomen #justdoit

Sometimes we need that alone time to truly appreciate ourselves & the ones we love.
#islandlife #srilanka

@fitfrenchiecp & I giving you a little #mondaymotivation 💪🏻 1️⃣ Step Downs 3x6 each
2️⃣ Stability ball Mt. Climbers 3x10 each
3️⃣ Slams 3x12
4️⃣ Wall Balls 3x10
This is a sample of my programming. #functionaltraining #mptraining

Missing this babe! #fbf to the wonderful days of #Ntctoursydney
Love seeing you crushing the game in LA🙌🏻

This captivates me every single day.

Love this stability ball core & glute work before/after a run👊🏻🔥 1️⃣ Oblique crunch x12 each side
2️⃣ Knee tuck to Pike x8 total
3️⃣ Plank Toe taps x20 total
4️⃣ Single leg curls x2 then double leg curl x2 for a total of 8 reps
Have fun💪🏻 #mptraining #mondaymotivation

Life can’t get much better!
#beachlife #islandliving

We may not be able to change the world alone but we CAN impact the world around us. Take on every day with a smile & a positive attitude, you’ll be surprised how it can affect those around you.
#smile #leadbyexample

Some of you were asking for here it is, a great upper body circuit, add this to any workout.
All you need is a towel, DB & KB (if you have one). 3sets of 8 reps
1️⃣ Single arm KB row
2️⃣ Med ball push ups
3️⃣ Hand walks w knee tuck
4️⃣ Kneeling push press

Make sure to tags me when you’ve tried it! Have fun💪🏻
#traintuesday #mptraining

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