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Hours until surgery: 28
Hours in pain restricted from this injury so far: 3,864
THIS IS WHY I’M SO EXCITED 🎉🎈🧗🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏂🤸🏻‍♀️🏐🏹 ✨💥 #alltheactivitiesihaventbeenabletodo #imsoweaknow #byebyearmmuscles #pleasecomebacktome #imissyou #almostrecoverytime

Countdown to surgery: 6 days #finally #cutmeopen #ineedmyhand

Me: Don’t look down!
Chief: 👀

[Yesterday] was a good day 🎶 #icecube #icelake

🌸🌀 ✳️ 🌀 ✳️🌀🌸
Countdown to surgery: 12 days

My favorite part of this picture is my mom’s shadow in the corner taking it, but she thought she ruined it and I would have to crop her out 😂❤️ #pure

“In youth during our growth period (up to about 18 years of age), the number of newly formed cells in our body outnumbers dying cells. In young adulthood, from about 18 to about 25 years of age, the number of newly formed cells balances the dying cells. In aging (after 25 years of age) the number of newly formed cells is less than the number of cells that die.” I’m officially aging, y’all!! 🎉

🖤🎃👻🕷☠️ 🍂🧡⚰️🖤

This awesome company turns 1 year old tomorrow! Libras unite! ♎️😜 I love their tanks for hiking because they’re so soft and great for layering. Plus you can’t disagree with that message!! #doepicshit #getyourwildbirdon #seriouslygodoit

58 hours till The Return of Mama!!!!! (Not like I’m counting or anything) #imnotcryingyourecrying @gailwheelus

This picture’s fun cuz it’s like “was she standing in the middle of the road? Did she take it out of a moving car? Was she driving the car while also taking the picture? Is that a cop coming towards her in the other lane?” So many neat questions. #falllastedtwoseconds #winterishere