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.... To the girls and forever friends I met at the #FFLV School who beam with joyful faces and thankful although they return home to complete poverty .... I will never forget my emotional journey. I can't wait to share it in our 6 Episode Documentary #ComingSoon #SheMustCount #LetGirlsLearn #SponsoraGirl #FoodForLifeVrindavan @withoutxfilms @fflvindia ⭐️ Link In Bio ⭐️

What an honour to be dressed by the #FFLV girls in a traditional Saree for the farewell ceremony. Heartbroken to be leaving but what a high note to go out on. All of these beautiful girls have come from homes and families who couldn't afford to send them to school for many different reasons. Donations from people like you continue to make that possible . #SheMustCount #LetGirlsLearn #FoodForLifeVrindavan @fflvindia @withoutxfilms #DocumentaryComingSoon ⭐️Link In Bio⭐️

This scene on the holy Yamuna river looks incredible, but the water is seriously toxic.... good thing we didn't fall in ! ( Learning to steer the boat in a straight line was a whole other deal 😳 ) ..... a quiet break from the noise and smells on the shore and the harsh realities of Vrindavan life. Girls - don't ever let anyone tell you you can't! ✌🏼Hare Krishna!!!! ✌🏼 #SheMustCount #letgirlslearn @fflvindia @withoutxfilms #DocumentaryComingSoon

School is the one safe place these girls have and here they are given the chance to express themselves in so many ways . Such a blessing to play one of my favourite pastimes, drums with them in their traditional Indian style . I had a hard time keeping up ! This is one of the after school programs #FFLV offers to give them confidence and empower women. #SheMustCount #FoodForLifeVrindavan #LetGirlsLearn @FFLVIndia @withoutXfilms ⭐️Donate Thru Link In Bio ⭐️

Day 3 has been my hardest day. The reason I am still smiling is that the people living in these conditions - homes I can’t even stand up in, built out of trash, swarming with bugs and floors made from cow dung… they are not standing around crying about it. So how can I in front of them? When I met these vibrant girls at school, all “put together,” I could never imagine that this is what they call home. This mother is younger than I. With 4 kids she ran from her abusive, alcoholic husband with no money… and still she smiled, welcomed me and fights for her kids to have a future. Today she gave me strength and to me is the definition of a strong woman. Donate thru bio. #SheMustCount #FoodForLifeVrindavan #LetGirlsLearn @withoutxfilms @fflvindia

My first day at the FFLV school started with the girls applying Tilaka to my forward, a sign of welcome and honour they do every morning. Some of the stories I heard today about girls being kidnapped, raped and treated less than human left me disgusted and saddened. But in my interview with Sri Radhika - Child Protection Team at Food For Life Vrindavan - I got the feeling at least this organization is making a difference. "We teach the girls this is not a hopeless situation they can do something about it and speak out with our help and support." #SheMustCount @fflvindia @withoutXfilms #donatenowthrubiolink #documentarycomingsoon produced by @olivertrevena

​Today I start my journey in Vrindavan , India. I am here to make sure 1000's of girls attend school so that they are not forced into child marriage/ labour & pregnancy as young as 13 on top of malnutrition & extreme poverty . I am here to make a 6 part series to take you along on this emotional ride but also ask for your support for these girls who need our help. #SheMustCount #FoodForLifeVrindavan #LetGirlsLearn #EmpowerGirls @FFLVIndia @WithoutXFilms ⭐️LINK IN BIO ⭐️

Whistler vibes 🤘🏻❄️

Well now it all makes sense ... #deepbro #dogpsychology 🤓🤔

Call me weak , but I can't say no to this face .... #doguedebordeaux #myguy

....when these black beauties take you for a ride to the top of Franschhoek, South Africa . #ilikehorsesmorethanpeople

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