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Marie Avgeropoulos  Pages from my life that won't give u paper cuts

when worst comes to worst , squad comes first @adinaporter @kyrazag @warnerbrostv #squadgoals #the100

Just a peek of exciting things to come ..... 🖤💋 Photographer @tizianolugli
Makeup @novakaplan
Hair @hairbyruslan
Stylist @brvndo
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A bareback sunny steed nap sometimes sorts me out . #horsebackriding #countrygirls 👍🏼 times w/ @fenixfallgirl

I think it’s important to look coiffed on television .... said Octavia never . 🙄 Getting ready for tonight’s episode by bathing in Ketchup . #the100 #octaviablake #onsetsnaps @cw_the100 @warnerbrostv

In the name of #the100 season 5 premiere today , here’s a lip lock from the sometimes lovely, mostly deadly , and always transforming Octavia . @cw_the100 @warnerbrostv #octaviablake

This is the experience I had with countless families who are on the waiting list for a place in one of our @FFLVindia schools. This particular family has been living in the slums about seven years & the youngest daughter who is in the photo, is 7 years old, & has never been in school. Instead helps her Mother cook , clean & begs for money to help provide for the 5 people that live in this space that is equivalent to the size of a small car . Sponsoring a girls education through #FFLV India is very straightforward & has a huge impact on the girl, her family & her community. The way out of poverty is through education. By educating a girl you educate entire village. Watch the documentary free ⬆️LINK IN BIO⬆️ Sponsor a girl today, change the cycle . #endchildmarriage #letgirlslearn #femaleempowerment #shemustcount

1 year ago these two sisters, Rashmi and Gauri, aged 13 and 14, disappeared from school. Their father had decided to illegally arrange marriages for both of them. #FFLV child protection team stepped in & took a strong lawful stand to stop the dual child marriage & get the girls back in our classrooms. I am thrilled to announce that now the girls are back in school, in control of their own destiny and have dreams for their own future. They may one day get married, maybe not - but that’s their choice. ⬆️LINK IN BIO ⬆️Watch their heartbreaking story with a promising outcome in my documentary series. #endchildmarriage #genderequality #shemustcount #india #educationfirst @fflvindia

Cows in the Hindu culture are considered sacred, and are well taken care of here because they provide milk. Bulls till the farming land and for #FFLV they pull the bull carts to school to ensure the girls get there and back free from harassment. This provides a sustainable and eco friendly method of transportation and a milk is important part of the everyday diet for the girls. The irony is despite being so sacred to these people is they are often abandoned . This particular cow shelter I visited partners with the school and takes in abandoned street cows and takes great care of them . @fflvindia @withoutxfilms #shemustcount #ecofriendly #india

Giving back . #FFLV distributes food to hundreds of underprivileged families in the community everyday , even if they don’t attend the school . All part of the wonderful programs run by #fflv #shemustcount #endpoverty #womenempowerment @fflvindia

This young girl is on the waitlist for a sponsor at an FFLV school. Her Mom explains to us how she was married at 12 and didn’t get the opportunity to study because her childhood was lost to marriage. She really wants this opportunity for her daughter and you can make that happen. This is how we break the cycle of poverty and old traditions by educating girls. Sponsor a girl today through the FFLV program. If you educate a girl you educate an entire village. ⬆️LINK IN BIO ⬆️ to watch my documentary journey to where specifically your donations go.
#shemustcount #letgirlslearn #womenempowerment #education #india @fflvindia #unicef #genderequality #endchildmarriage @withoutxfilms

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I was here in India & helping Racha and her family move into their first real home. Might look basic to most of us but this was a dream come true for this single Mom and her three kids. Racha has spent her first year in school with #FFLV and Is making huge strides in her education & confidence. More to follow. ⬆️ Full documentary Link in Bio ⬆️ on how you can help save a girls life towards her own choice and an education to prevent her being a statistic of the 15 million girls every year that are forced into child’s marriage . #shemustcount #letgirlslearn @fflvindia

How I feel inside on Monday’s . #mondaymood

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