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Made so.e 10 AN fittings that push Into grommets on valve covers for oil catch cans. Or anything else.

Derek pic before anodizing tomorrow. Love it.

Oil cap Derek Mark made on the cnc machine.

We made some radiator brackets for an old Camaro.

Finished the torque plates for LS motors. Everyone needs a cnc machine.

Made some torque plates for LS motors. Still have the profile left to do soon.

So a car comes in leaking from the water pump to one of our client shops. The person on the phone insists the car was never overheated by his daughter although he is in another state. After that the car is over heating. He's mad cause just a water pump doesn't fix it. This is the proof of how warped the head is but he doesn't care and insists this shop is ripping him and his daughter off. Even when sent these pictures. He called on friday to approve the repairs and called on monday wanting to know why the car wasn't done yet. These are the people we have to deal with an a weekly basis. The ones threatening to write bad reviews If their every need is not met including price regardless of the problem and who caused it.

We made these rear axle adjusters for a custom 3 wheel bike.

Making an intake for my turbo Harley Truck. More to come. #turbo #turbof150

Making a driveshaft adapter for a 2JZE engine and transmission to go in a Lexus GS300.

I love the RA finish we can get on our heads. Best of all I built all the equipment to do it for our cnc machine and it comes out better surfaces than I see other machine shop produce.

Had an awesome time with an MMR oil pump that was fun. We couldn't get the customers car to build oil pressure at cranking and then at a 20 second start up. After finally extensive diagnostics to rule everything out I pulled the pump and dug in. This bolt that is very close to the oil pick up wasn't even tight. I didn't have to break it loose at all. When I tried to tighten it it would just spin no effort. As the customer talked to MMR they could only place blame anywhere but on themselves. They even placed blame on me for stripping out the bolt. They even said they flow tested the pump before Install and it was just fine. There was a lot more excuses they threw out but point is that it was so close to the pick up it wouldn't allow the pump to draw from the pick up tube but was allowing the plate to draw in from the long span it wasnt tight at the backing plate. Oh they also said I probably didn't clearance the pick up tube due to ARP main studs. Oh and must of left a plug loose in the heads or something. Again anyways new pump fixed everything and it's the only thing I replaced. Ps you can only use an MMR oil pump due to the cranks they use and they are 400 dollars. #MMR