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Maribel's Kidney Story  Living life despite my diagnosis & sharing the journey 👊 12+ Year Kidney/Dialysis Warrior Advocate ♿💚💙♻ Pray🙏Love👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Eat🍲 Follow @WarriorLife_Style


As I do every year on this day, February 23, 2010 I was able to be apart of an 8-person donor chain which started with an altruistic anonymous donor who allowed me to be apart of this miracle. Though a horrible infection damaged this #giftoflife I still celebrate how beautiful this day was. I will always thank my donor for giving me this bridge of life and the Dialysis free days I was able to experience. As I prepare for my next #giftoflife I will always be grateful for all the heroes who gracefully give in this way. I’ll never forget how amazing it feels to have your body work in unity with a #kidneytransplant and only encourages me to never give up hope that I will have that again one day. 💚 #maribelskidneystory

Love this song from this beautiful #PHwarrior she’s amazing!
❤️ R-I-S-E
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My new song ‘Rise’ is now live on YouTube.com/Chloetemtchine or click on link in my bio 😬 also, if u like the song, pls vote for it on the @megastarapp - it’s part of a Spotlight competition! All based on votes! 🤗 #music #rise

Thankfully I was strong enough to do the 6 minute #walkingtest to see where my oxygen numbers are. Happy to say they are now stable and Dr. only wants me to use in evenings when needed. However should be good to get active to be on the #transplantlist again so already made the calls to UCD to get that going. Just happy I still accumulated time while on hold which will make another 5 years waiting. I waited 5 years for the 1st #goftoflife but know I’m a little more complicated now but thankful for some possible live donors that was in the works so we’ll see what happens. Feels amazing to finally have some improvements and looks like new medications for the #pulmonaryhypertension is doing what it’s supposed to do as well. Thank you all for your continued prayers & support. 💚 #maribelskidneystory

Happy Valentines Days Fellow Warriors & Happy National Donor Day
I AM a donor, THANK YOU to my donor, I was a 1 time kidney recipient and WAITING for my 2nd gift of life
#maribelskidneystory #kidneywarrior
💚 #Repost fr @miranda_laree:
Since becoming a Voice for Donate Life, I found out that February 14th is 💚National D O N O R Day!💚 In honor of this very special, very important day, I want to not only spread awareness, I want to also inspire you to become a registered organ donor. And maybe even inspire you to become a living donor.

If you’re a donor comment “I AM!” If you’re a recipient comment “THANK YOU!” If you’re on the waitlist comment “WAITING”

Did you know that you don’t have to wait until you die to become a donor?
While still living you can donate blood, tissue, bone marrow, a part of your liver and even one of your kidneys!

In the US alone, 115,000 people are on the waitlist right now, just waiting for someone like Y O U to save their life. Out of those 115,000, 20 of them will be dead by the end of today and 1 more person will be added to that list and will have wait 10 years or more (if they live that long) to receive their gift of life.
Be someone’s hero.
#DonateLife #NationalDonorDay #ThankADonor #Heros #endthewaitlist #kidneywarriors #lifeline

It’s been a while since I gave a health update only because it’s been slow going and very rough season physically and emotionally. After 13 years (As of February 2018) fighting #kidneyfailure and all that has come with it. I’ve been able to bounce back and this is probably the first time that the bounce back was much harder. The pain I will say has been more challenging to deal with and to the point where it’s hard to function. However, there has been some small milestones that I’m thankful for. I’m needing less and less oxygen. The #pulmonaryhypertension medication is finally kicking in and now helping and oxygen levels & bloodwork looking good. I’m starting to have hope that I’ll be back on my two feet with some hard work but using whatever I need in the meantime to help with the mobility and to move around as independent as I can. The decline in health felt more sudden and a little bleak to say the least. However, I have so much support and love around me that I’m constantly reminded of what I’ve already overcome and this too shall pass... as I’ve said many times before all I can take it is one step at a time and one day at a time. Thinking of the #serenityprayer in times like this and knowing regardless my faith will continue to give me the peace that surpasses any understanding. Thank you all for your continued support & prayers. Your Warrior in life & style, Maribel 💚 #maribelskidneystory #warriorlife_style 📷: @left_eye_perspective

Thank you fellow #kidneywarrior @tootersue with @creative.organics for more healing goodies. Also for the extra Sally for my friend’s son @resa_aintgottimetobleed who’s son loves The Nightmare Before Christmas. Always love to support my fellow warriors & be sure to check out her amazing creations.

#tbt to when I used to do #peritonealdialysis man I wish I could still do PD and not have to deal with getting stuck every other day. Hasn’t been easy when I already have chronic pain but thankful my hubby is able to help me especially on the days I don’t want to stick myself. 💚 #maribelskidneystory #kidneywarrior #Ineedakidney #miracle #dialysislife #spoonielie #homehemodialysis #lifesupport #dialysiskeepsmealive

Happy New Year Fellow Warriors! Thanks for following along this journey we call life. Stay fighting, stay striving and let’s stay moving forward and turn the page to the next chapter of your story #Hello2018. 🖤👊🏽#maribelskidneystory#warriorlife_style#2017bestnine

I know I promised I’d be okay if you go and I know I will but for now I deeply miss my #dogther, my emotional support, mama’s best friend and #spiritanimal because it meant everything to have such a little thing so connected to me. We all miss you and sad to see your baby, #SmokeyButts so sad weeping and secluding himself right now. I know this period of grief will pass but it makes me realize how love goes deep for any species God has created. I’m thankful that I was able to have such sweet and gentle healing love from my girl and though my heart aches right now I know I have to keep my promise because that was the only way you were able to let go. Be free and run with the angels my beautiful #GiaButts till we meet again. 💕#maribelskidneystory

Sister Sister. I need all the girly love I can get ❤️ #MMMsisters #grannysbabies #grannysgirls #maribelskidneystory

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