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"Belief has always had something of an adventurous break or leap about it, because in every age it represents the risky enterprise of accepting what plainly cannot be seen as the truly real and fundamental. Belief was never simply the attitude automatically corresponding to the whole slant of human life; it has always been a decision calling on the depths of existence, a decision that in every age demanded a turnabout by man that can only be achieved by an effort of will." - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Introduction to Christianity.


Smoke free for seven months, almost as long of a time since we last talked. But it's fine. Five days from now, I will be with the university for four years. I'd rather remember that figure. Law and governance. It's been my life for a while now. I wonder what's next. You can never tell these days, with all the distractions. Good thing I let you go the way I got rid of cigarettes: bit by bit until there was no other choice but to quit.

Thank you @biquedy for the photo.

Mellow #manila

Justice Abad and Atty. Noche

Asking questions

There are specific things which make a house a home; objects which we have attached with meaning, subtext, and sentiment. Hangers, bikes, clothes. Boxes with unknown contents. Chairs from the old house, the one before the fire. Sometimes it's the way aqueous shafts of sunlight strike them which make the space familiar but also different. It's the kind of sunlight where you can see the dust of unkept corners of the house floating in midair. Sometimes it's the scent of objects that have overstayed - old paper, old fabrics, old rubber. It's the pleasant smell of nostalgia. Sometimes it's simply the arrangement of these objects in your view - seemingly arbitrary but always where they are supposed to be.

Old skies

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