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Maria Fagerström  Hey 👋 I’m a Swedish full-time 737 airline pilot and camera nerd. Part-time content creator living in Spain. ↠ ↡ YouTube Channel

I woke up at 7:30 today!! No alarms and NOT tired 😱 I feel great after starting my new journey towards becoming a healthier and happier Maria 🙌 I’m on a 12-week program with my coach @erikashealthyhome who’s teaching me everything I need to know about time optimization, eating the right food and getting the right nutritions, how to create workout routines (even though you have a busy schedule) and how to set up your goals with the right mindset. I’m currently obsessed with anything that has to do with self development - so if you have any podcasts, books or Instagram accounts for me to get inspired by then let me know in the comments 😘💪

The air traffic controller in the tower said we are cleared to line up on the runway behind the landing helicopter. At that time I made an announcement over the PA: “Cabin Crew please take your seats for departure” 📣👩🏼‍✈️ That’s how you know as a passenger that we are entering an active runway and fully ready for takeoff 🛫 (or when it’s time for you to put on your noise canceling headsets 😜)

Why doesn’t it come natural to me to think of getting my nails done before a photoshoot?? It’s a good thing wearing IWC’s new pilot watch collection is stealing all the attention 😏 Also, don’t you just love when flying aerobatics is part of the photoshoot? @iwcwatches sure knows how to keep this pilot happy☝️

#ad for @iwcwatches #iwcspitfire #iwctopgun

So yesterday I was flying to the UK where we had moderate to heavy snow showers with a lovely 2 degrees outside. Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind being back on Tenerife celebrating @viktorfors birthday instead 👆 He’s currently in Indonesia having the time of his life while I’m at home working! Haha not bummed at all 😝⠀

📷 shot with fujifilm #xt3 #xf35mmf2

So.. what an excellent idea to do the photoshoot AFTER you’ve been upside down in an airplane! 😝 On the other hand, that’s how you get the most genuine smile ☺️ ⠀

➞ The legendary iconic Spitfire in the background - what a beauty!! My life goal is to one day get to fly it 💭

📷 by @christopherbusch and @tibods for @iwcwatches #ad #iwcsihh #silverspitfire

Before, during and after 📷 So guess who did her own very first loop?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I miss flying these small airplanes, it’s so so much fun flying fully manually and different from flying the 737. I wonder if my passengers would appreciate me doing a little loop in the 737 as much as I would? 🤭⠀

📷 by @tibods and @christopherbusch for @iwcwatches #ad #iwcsihh

I lived on this island for 2,5 years before moving to Alicante. If you ever come here then make sure to go up north. Hire a car and just drive around and I promise you’ll find the most amazing nature and landscape. This island has its own climate, you’ll find anything from a tropical rainforest in the north, to an active volcano with surroundings just like you’re on Mars, to the desert in the south. Tenerife has so much to offer, you just need to know where to go. ⠀

📷 shot with fujifilm #XT3 #xf35mmf2

Back where it all started - @viktorfors and I found a cheap flight and flew down to the Canary Island of Tenerife where I used to be based. I have so many good memories from this place, it’s so special to me because it’s where we fell in love 🥰 where’s your special place?⠀

📷 shot with fujifilm #XT3 #35mmf2

Who’s as excited as I am about the sequel to TOP GUN that is coming out next year?? 🙋‍♀️🍿🎥 #TeamMaverick #TopGun2

📷 by @christopherbusch for @iwcwatches / wearing #iwctopgun #iwcpilot #iwcsihh #ad

Even though I’m from Sweden I think it’s pretty obvious to say that I prefer the summer and warmer weather. Take me back to Spain por favor 🥶 ⠀

📷 @tibods #IWCSIHH #SilverSpitfire #ad

Not every day I get to pose with a Spitfire in the background 😍 I’m excited to be here at the #IWCSIHH booth in Genève where @iwcwatches presenting their new pilot’s watch collections.

After getting up ridiculously early and catching two flights I have now finally arrived to Geneva! Tomorrow I’ll be at @iwcwatches booth at #IWCSIHH to show you their new pilot watch collection! Be aware: there might be airplanes involved 😏 ⠀

Photo by @tibods

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