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MARIA FAGERSTRÖM  Outdoor adventurer and traveler. Airline pilot and life lover. Made in Sweden living in Spain. ⠀ ✎ www.mariathepilot.com ⠀⠀ ▷ see my videos here:

Reaching out to you guys!! Abbie and I are getting quite excited about our upcoming trip to Amsterdam in April - tell me your favorite boutique hotels, cafes, restaurants, instagram-friendly-photo-locations etc etc. BRING IT ON. Thanks 🤗

Paris - what an exceptional city you are, I love every bits and pieces of you!! However, next time I visit I hope for a few degrees warmer weather 😉

What do you do when you have 48hrs in Paris? Dance around the Louvre in a big teddy bear jacket of course!

The other week @emeleonora and I decided to go for a spontaneous trip to Paris! Little did we know that it was going to be freeeeeeezing cold. Good thing Emma brought an extra jacket 😉 #mariathebear #noitsnotrealfurcalmdown

Ok so I have something on my mind I’d like to share with you. As a reply to the one comment I received stating that I was only seeking attention when using the hashtag #femalepilot and that it was all wrong because it separates male and female pilots. ⠀

Yes. It is about attention. It has always been about attention. The sole purpose of using hashtags is to reach out, to become discoverable and get people’s attention. It’s not about separating male and female pilots but to inform and spread that we are here too, and we matter. Of all commercial pilots in the world 95% are male. There are so few females pilots out there BUT our number is slowly so growing! Which is great! But it’s up to us women to keep the female pilot trend alive or any other female power trend for that matter. And we’ll only do so by continue talking about it, to make our voices heard and inspire others. If I get to reach out to more people by using a single hashtag on social media, then that matters too. Because women rock, and we should continue to spread any message and use ANY hashtag that brings people’s attention to that. #FemalePilot #WomensDay

New apartment perhaps? 😏 I wouldn’t mind having a morning swim on a rooftop pool overlooking the cathedral in the city of Palma all day everyday. YES PLEASE 😩😩 ⠀

Tbt to last summer, picture by @emeleonora 📷

YES you were right!! My base transfer finally got accepted! I’m moving to Alicante 🔜 ... But first, I’m going to enjoy a few more days flying from my beloved island!

A little morning stretch on the balcony 🤸🏼‍♀️ today is a yoga-coffee-podcast-repeat kind of day! oh, and something big is happening right now in my life, and it might include a few moving boxes 📦😉

Ugh I’m still sick 🤧 Hope to be back in the air soon 💭

Love is in the air 💭 (even though this picture was taken safely on the ground) 😉 How was your Valentine’s Day? I got to spend the day with my love and had takeaway sushi for dinner - yum!!

Sunday mood ✨ Trying my best to get back on my feet from a stubborn cold that just won’t go away 🤧😩

“I had never been to the Canary Islands before I moved to Tenerife two and a half years ago. I didn’t know anyone living there at the time. I kept myself busy with work. I had friends and family come over to visit me and it was great, but even though I kept myself busy I often found myself in situations where I felt alone.”⠀

Read the full article I wrote about #club and kitesurfing on #d360 @dondupofficial (link in bio) 😘

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