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Maria Shriver  Mother • Journalist • Author • Founder of Shriver Media & @womensalzmovement

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg joined the Supreme Court 24 years ago today. Watch and see how many female justices she thinks are enough for the court. Love her! #RBG #icon #womensconference

Happy #NationalColoringBookDay! What better way to spend it than with #ColorYourMind? Available now on Amazon and in bookstores.

It's August 1 and I'm going off the grid. I'm taking some time to be with my family and "get my joy on." I love this quote -- it feels right to me. We could all use some spiritual maintenance.

Family has always been the most important part of my life. It’s what brings me joy. It’s what gives me strength. It’s what gives me purpose. And, yes, it’s what gives me an identity.

I grew up in a family that emphasized the importance of putting family first. I grew up hearing about family values, family lore, and family expectations (of which there were many). In fact, as a child, I often felt like my family was way more important than any one individual—this one included... [Read more of what I've Been Thinking in today's #TheSundayPaper - link in bio]

This Sunday, I'm writing about family -- the most important part of my life. Sign-up for #TheSundayPaper to read what I have to say about my family and a message for all families. [Tap the Sign-Up link in bio]

Had a great time and conversation last night speaking with Former Vice President Al Gore, Jeff Skoll and Richard Berge about @aninconvenienttruth and what we can do about the climate crisis. The first film opened 11 years ago today but there's never been a better time to get involved. If you missed it, you can still watch our conversation [link in bio] #BeInconvenient

Looking forward to sitting down tomorrow with Former Vice President Al Gore, producer Jeff Skoll and producer Richard Berge for an #ArchitectsofChange LIVE conversation on how we can work together to solve the climate crisis and @aninconvenienttruth sequel. Join me! #BeInconvenient

So excited for @katherineschwarzenegger and her new children's book Maverick and Me! Proud of her mission to get parents and kids to adopt animals. Please pre-order it! It's beautiful. Proud of you sweetheart! #maverickandme

Today is my baby girl @christinaschwarzenegger's birthday. She's beautiful, smart, loving, caring, kind and so much fun! She blesses me daily with all of those qualities. Happy birthday baby, love you to the moon and back!

Let's face it. Boredom has a bad rap.

Or, at least it had a bad rap with me for the longest time. I grew up thinking that there was almost nothing worse than being bored. So, I worked, and I worked, and I busied myself, and I did everything I could to try and stay two steps ahead of the old boredom curse. “Nothing worse than being bored,” I’d tell myself and my children.

But lately, I’ve found myself challenging my beliefs about boredom. And, I’ve actually found myself craving it. I’ve found myself longing for some silence. Some time away. Some time to turn off and give myself the space to think, create, and daydream... [Read the rest of what I've Been Thinking in today's #TheSundayPaper -- link in bio]

Feel blessed on this day to have seen a sight like this. Happy Saturday!

This week, I've been thinking about how important boredom can be. Sign up for #TheSundayPaper to read my full essay tomorrow. And if you're reading this, get off your device and spend some time with you! [Sign-Up link in bio]

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