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MARIA PORTAS  Hi🙋🏽I'm Maria, a Transformational Coach for Women who want to Discover their Purpose, Step into their Power and Make a Difference in the World 🌎

Hey Beautiful! Here's Me! Looking forward to creating a better future. Feeling stronger than I have ever felt before. .
I remember a time when I felt like I had no choice. It was up to someone other than me and what they decided would effect us (me and all our kids) .
Those were some of the worst years of my life. .
I chose to grow, expand and get so strong that I could walk away. I still take a step further and further away every day from what was. .
I know that I deserve so much more.
And so do you.
I'm not here to settle, or to receive someone's crumbs. .
I'm here to LOVE hard! LOVE is everything, but I won't settle for just anything! .
I'm excited, free and on purpose to make my life so much better than before.
It is Done.
Maria xx
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When I hear of #Manchester, and the bombs, and the people, I feel cold. I can’t even express this foreign feeling I have within. I don’t know how to share it or what to do with it. ::
Then within minutes people, strangers, community all begin to show up and are there for each other. They GIVE so much LOVE. LOVE begins to move through places and communities where it did not exist before. Everyone shows up to LOVE and take care of each other. ::
This is what melts my Soul. My tears flow seeing the LOVE that WE ARE. The Love that is withheld every single day…. now so easily comes about.
What if each one of us felt that outpouring of Love happen everyday? 
Would these things happen? 
LOVE IS THE STRENGTH that we need in this world. 
Let’s not wait for things to happen to take care of the people in our world, our neighbours, our families. 
We are all family. The family of LOVE. 
We are BEINGS of LOVE.
:: >>> Please share <<<<
It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx
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GOOD Morning 🌞😃 I love you!
I want everything that you desire to Be yours 🏝
I want to nudge you to remember why you are here. Why you were born.
Because the world would be a better place with all of us BEING more!
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love. .
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The reflection is YOU! Everything you see around you is YOU.
You want to change what you see?
Then you must change what you THINK.
You are ONE with All. And your thoughts are powerful.
By changing your mind about the way things are, you release them to be better than ever before.
You are not a victim.
You are creating this Life.
+++ Book a Discovery Call with me. Link above.. I would love to speak to you! 
Love Maria xx
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My kinda women 🙌🏽 The women in my family rock! 💕 Send some love to the women in your life!!! #wisewomen #strongwomen #feministaf @lanny_j_ why you not in photo sista ???? 🌸 #feisty #funny #youngbuds #sportygirls #girlygirls #feistygirls #spanishgirls #latinagirls #bookgirls #littlebitlocagirls ☺️ LOVE THEM 💕 so beautiful 😍 #abuelosgirls 🙏🏽💕🙌🏽🌸

Is there someone that has 'said something', or has showed you a way of Being, ☀️
has inspired you, believed in you,
or changed the way that you now
move through life?
::::: Why do we wait until someone passes to say
what they meant to you and
how they made a difference in your life?🌸
Tell them today!
Your phone's already in your hand!
Call them or better yet send them a text
so they can read it over and over,
so they know how they inspired you. ::::
You never know.... They may need your inspiration today.
Don't wait.
Make their day today!!!! 💡 tag them below : you inspire me @________
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Maria xx 😘

This is where I want you to BE.
So moved by what you are here to give 
the world, that there is no turning back.
You MUST bring out your gifts!
The world needs you more than ever before.
You need YOU to be everything 
that you were created to BE.
What is that for you?
:: How long can you remain in a job that is
draining your energy and your life?
You only have one life!
Be Brave.
BE Strong.
:: Take one step in the right direction
and book a complimentary Discovery Session
with me {link above}
I Believe in YOU.
It's not just in some of us,
it's within all of us.
With Love,
Maria xx

As women we have been shut down, 
made to keep quiet. 
We are made to feel small. 
Not too loud. 
Not too bossy. 
This shuts down and encapsulates the wisdom 
that we are here to bring forth.
We need Women to speak their Truth. 
Your life matters. 
Your feelings matter.
Our words and actions will heal this planet. 
We can no longer wait on anyone else. ::
We are the wombs that our children came from. 
Mother Earth is calling for us to rise and 
Be the Feminine Leaders that we came to be.
We have allowed men to rule our world. 
We subsided. 
It's time to come ALIVE. 
And connect with each other.
To raise the children from all over the world.
So that every mother has enough food, water,
and most of all freedom
to live and breathe
in any way that they desire. ::
I believe we can bring this about.
And it's time.
Maria xx

Ladies, if someone is ignoring you, they do not love you enough to be with you. This really is a slap in the face, I know 😭Been there, done that!
The thing is it feels horrible! It's awful! 
But this too strengthened me in a way that 'he' could not have imagined.
You see, being with him was emotionally draining, controlling and blaming. Just as he would be there, he would also leave and completely ignore me, which was all part of the plan, as when I became so lonely, 'he' could just walk back into my world.
But what happened over time 👏🏽was that the more he walked away (and most of the time it was me telling him to leave... because once again he brought nothing to the table! 😼) ... the more I got to HEAL!!🙏🏽 ::::
The more he ignored me, the stronger I became. You know why? Because I didn't have someone saying stupid shit to me. Wow. What a difference! I no longer had to believe the crap he was saying to me and also putting out there about me. :::
I no longer cared because each time I got better, without him.🌸🌸🌸
He even noticed by saying "You've changed! You act like you don't need me anymore."
Too right !!!! :::::
Ofcourse that was not enough for him.
He then said I must have turned Lesbian! 🤦🏽‍♀️
SORRY {not sorry} 🙊still looooooove men.🔥
Just the right ones xx
Love you strong 💃🏽women out there. 👸🏽Keep waiting on the right one. If he can't show up🤴🏽... it's not him!
Thank you Universe.
Let's send the right hombre 💪🏽 our way! xx
Love and Light,
Maria 😘xx
P.S. - Share with a friend that needs it! 🌸

The reason you are here .... how can you show someone how to Be? How to create? Or how to become something? 🙌🏽 here is where lies your gifts, your strengths and your success ☀️☀️☀️ >>>> book a discovery call with me and let's explore what this means to you >> link above ☝🏽
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