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MariaPateteFit  Decide | Commit | Succeed •Wife 💍 •Mommy to Zoey Ela💗 •CPT💪🏼 •Pure Strength Fitness LLC •@Bforcebands "Patete10"

Abs and glutes brought to you by pizza, pasta & garlic knots. 😳🍕🍝🥐🙊 #treatyoself

Running on 3 hours of sleep & not enough coffee☕️🙄 The little babe is sick so it's been a rough night/morning. Came in to workout in hopes that it'll make me feel better! Days like these makes mommying TOUGH but it is still worth every single challenge and sleepless night. I wouldn't change it for the world ❤️

⭐️FULL BODY WORKOUT⭐️ So today's workout is from one of my bootcamp babes classes. All my classes are full body, high intensity workouts. So both cardio and weight lifting are incorporated into these workouts. Each class is an hour long and the goal for my ladies is to get through 2 rounds (sometimes 3) in that hour. Workout is in the comments! Kick butt, push yourself & ENJOY!💪🏼 oh and PS...EVERY SINGLE BODY PART WAS ON FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥
• "Booty bands" from @bforcebands 🍑 discount code in bio!

Had a serious sweat sesh this afternoon. Full workout will be posted tonight, stay tuned! 💪🏼💦 oh and SWIPE left to see what popped up on my Facebook memory today...3 years later, I'm digging the mom bod, the natural hair color, the hard work I've put in since post baby (almost 10 months) and I am so blessed to be standing where I am today. 👶🏼💍👨‍👩‍👧❤️ p.s. I am wearing the same shirt and sports bra in all pics.

Fire up and wake up your glutes before any leg day with these 🍑GLUTE ACTIVATION 🍑exercises. There are so many different exercises you can do to really activate those glutes before training them during your leg workouts but these are some of my favs! I've incorporated bands into my workouts for years now, and I've seen the most results when doing so! Try this warm up circuit before your next leg day! 💪🏼🔥

SWIPE for 3 of my favorite GLUTE/QUAD exercises lately! Make sure when you are doing these exercises you are going slow and controlling the motion from start to finish.😃⭐️🍑

Wasn't planning on working out today but here I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️💪🏼🙃 couple of clips coming to ya from today's workout, stay tuned ✌🏼😁

Summer 2017 has been the best summer yet, because of YOU. ❤️

Push yourself harder than yesterday, if you want a different tomorrow. ✨

Rise and shine babes ☀️ Happy Monday! 🙃

Happy 1 year anniversary to my amazing hubby and best friend, I love you so much!❤️ We had such an amazing night out celebrating our first anniversary. It was our first night alone in over 9 months without our little babe with us. Even though I know she is in GREAT hands I cannot wait to snuggle my baby girl and give her a million kisses! 🤗💕

Had a kickass workout this morning🔥💪🏼 I seriously love sweating like a little piglet, yeah gross I know🐷 buttt to me sweat is rewarding and reassures me that I'm burning alll daaaa fat 🙅🏻 Happy Friday babes! Outfit details are tagged ✨

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