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Marian Galombik 

Love fixing rusty outdoor furniture sandpaper rust off frame buy a couple cans of black gloss paint fake leather trim staple gun screwdriver scissors and some foam/sponge use a bit of elbow grease and voila!..revamped outdoor furniture cost $30 of materials but a $1000 dollars worth of satisfaction! @parisgalombik @romy_gal @davidgalombik

Beach living...collect "moments" in your life not "things"...Caribbean Mexico @davidgalombik @romy_gal @parisgalombik

Watch out jack in the bean stalk!..threw out some watermelon seeds in the garden pot plant holder and wow!10 watermelon sprouts have grown so exciting! Love watermelons 🍉 🍉🍉 @davidgalombik @romy_gal @parisgalombik

Vege meal tonight pureè roasted cauliflower parmesan mashed potatoes wild banana pureè and lentil tomato black olive and radish salad ..sensational flavours washed down with a fresh strawberry smoothie @parisgalombik @romy_gal @davidgalombik

Nothing beats a great coffee...Sunday morning laughs and smiles at café D'Amancia great start to the day!!!

Mother's Day treats! @parisgalombik @davidgalombik @romy_gal

Early to bed early to rise.. @davidgalombik @romy_gal @parisgalombik

...add some sound laughter and voila...see-food dinner this evening yay!🎣 @parisgalombik @romy_gal @davidgalombik

...add some sound laughter and voila!!...see-food dinner tonite...yay! @davidgalombik @parisgalombik @romy_gal

Eating fish for dinner tonight happy happy happy Caribbean days and nights @parisgalombik @davidgalombik @romy_gal

Nothing beats a 12hour sleep😴 @parisgalombik @romy_gal @davidgalombik

This mornings prawn trawling..coconut jumbo prawns served with apple purée accompanied with a fresh lemon juice..sweet and tart together deelish! @romy_gal @davidgalombik @parisgalombik

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