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Mariana 🇲🇽  UWG 20ish? Oboe Performance “Enamórate de ti, de la vida, y luego de quien tú quieras” -Frida Kahlo. ΦΔ Musicus

It took a while to get a good picture of the three of us but glad to have these two as my LB’s. We’re all super different but our mutual love for music and wanting to serve through music brought up some unexpected friendships. Also, s/o to my big for being there. I’m a whole mess so thanks for putting up with that 😂

Me today (and always but specifically today) because I’m actually dying, can’t breathe, can’t really get through a sentence without coughing... all on a Monday. (My busiest day of the week) and to make it even better I’m performing in the recital hour, but it’s kind of hard to play when you can’t breathe. IT’S FINE. I’M FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE. 😷😰🙃

Couldn’t do this whole college thing without of these two girls😬 #nationalwomensday

Throwback to the last time I went to Mexico in 2012. Hoping I can go next Christmas 🇲🇽

Band nerd alert!
GMEA was fun! UWG wind ensemble did great (dropped my read case on stage but it’s fine 🙃), got to play on a maple English horn that was pretty much weightless and sounded amazing, and got to see Mr. Willoughby!

Haven’t put anything on here in a while so what better time than 4am when I can’t sleep? ( if you look close enough, you can’t tell my shirts inside out)

Met some cool people this year, but school really needs to be over. Waiting on May 9th 😩

Ready to put this Bach sonata away 😩

Will I ever smile in a picture? Will I make it to the end of the semester? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

Completely unrelated to this flower.. I stayed to work on campus for spring break. I'm out of food and have $0.09 in my bank account. Things are going just fine 😀 *cries internally*

National marching band day? Missing B-r@dly 😂😂

@shamara_williams will always be my favorite human 😂😂❤

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