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Always keep your inner child alive! - no problem she likes to swim! And catch waves lol! I think, I was amusing Yohn a bit too much, he decided to document my catching waves skills 🌊! Are you seeing those flips☺️☝🏻#madskills Had to crop the video cus it was way to long for insta, I think he wanted to vlog my salt water experience 😂! I LOVE THE SEA! On a serious note 📝: We seem to feel that playing is only limited to childhood. When in reality WE grown ups NEED to play the most! Because we can get caught up with so much! So don’t let your life be boring!

Half of my heart its in Havana ❤️

Kinda of tanned! 🌞 kinda!

I think I’m dating the The wolf of Wall Street! 😂 #dicaprio got nothing on you!

I said I like it like that! #LIVING

Ok I might stay for a while, cus he can get it! Can get used to this 😎😝😍

Found this guy at the beach, he asked for lunch why not? He’s cute!

July 17 it’s always: MAGIC! You’re that one person, I never know what to get you for your birthday. Nothing is ever enough, and what do I give someone who doesn’t want anything or cares for material things? So all I can do, is try to make it, so you can collect moments that make you smile & hope that my love for you is always enough! I don’t know anyone like you, your ability to be always KIND to others, your strength, your intelligence & pure heart has me in awe since day one. Im lucky to have you, your the best person I know. Thank you for loving me like no one does, for supporting each and every single dream of mine, for being my unconditional best friend. Tell them stars they lost their BRIGHTEST one to ME! ⭐️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! You deserve the 🌎!

Yes, yes, yes! I hope you are creating the life you want, because we only get one chance at this! Make it count! BE GREAT, do good, LOVE HARD, learn, and count your blessings! I want to see everyone GROW! 🌱

Throw back on a Saturday, because if you don’t know that I LOVE Enrique Iglesias, do you even know me? 😂❤️ #dancelikenooneswatching

How can we not love you! Our little cotton ball! Our fur baby 🐶

Everyday we are together, it’s the greatest day of my life! Thankful for you every second. #myace♠️

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