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Mariam  πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­&πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ“London #naturalhair πŸ™Œ EducatedπŸŽ“.EducatorπŸ“š.Travel ✈. πŸ“©runliftflex@gmail.com FoodieπŸ”πŸŸ& fitnessπŸ’ͺ Youtube|mariamldn Twitter|_mariamldn_


Pics on the left are from 3 weeks ago. Pics on the right from today.
If I gain weight my stomach is the first place it goes to and the last place it comes off. My cut is just starting #moreworktodo

Had the nicest pump after doing reps of paused bench press πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ. Today, I just realised my last competition 2nd attempt deadlift (115kg) could actually be my opener now. I'm looking forward to competing again tbh #powerlifting is a hobby I don't take it too seriously & I just worry about competing against myself πŸ™„ #youvsyou

2 things/2 pictures:
1. During this cut (I've increased cardio & eating my maintenance calories) I've realised I lose weight from my legs/face first and my stomach last. But this shows everyone is different and you cannot spot reduce fat!
2. 2nd picture is the aftermath of sprints (10 x 12.8 speed, 30 seconds on and 30 off). I'm getting faster πŸ’ƒ. A lesson: never beat yourself up for not being able to do an exercise as fast/heavy as another. Everyone starts somewhere!

The reporting of this terrorist attack on Finsbury Park by some newspapers is terrible (The Sun, Daily Mail). Let's call the attack what it is - a pre planned terrorist attack against Muslims. The van didn't drive itself and let's not look to excuse his actions.βœ‹ #quote #strongwomen #thegoodquote #repost #tweegram #melaningirls #blackgirlmagic #melaninonfleek #london

Lat spread. Today was #legday which was a wake up call after spending the whole of Saturday eating,drinking outside and the whole of Sunday in Clapham Common doing the same.πŸ™Œβ˜‰β˜‰. I'm now working 2 jobs for the next 3 weeks but I'm not missing any workouts πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


2.5 mile run πŸ˜₯ this morning

New deadlift PR 3 reps at 125kg πŸ™Œ.
A year ago (10th June 2016) my deadlift PR was 3 reps at 110kg
Going ⬆πŸ’ͺ

Wow a year+ difference...
May 2016 - squat max 95kg
June 2017- doubles of 105kg squats (max 112kg atm)

I struggle with this in the gym and on Instagram sometimes. The most common "poor" form I see is squats...barely breaking parallel 😣. If you're squatting your thigh should crease (that's the cue that helped me lol). Tbh I keep quiet and mind my business. Loads of YouTube videos out there or videos on bodybuilding.com if you're confused on form.
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