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Yesterday's cardio:
6x sprints (incline 1.0 speed 13.2 x 3 13.4 x 3), 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off
10 minutes incline walk
2x sprints (incline 1.0 speed 13.6), 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off

Only wearing this bright red dress as it's a dress code requirement πŸ˜’β€

Upper body workout with cardio today. I did a circuit first and then the elliptical and incline treadmill workout. Circuit:
30 seconds of each move?, repeat the whole circuit 3x. You will sweat πŸ˜₯
Squat thrusters
Romanian deadlift
Front squat
Bent over row
Press up



One of the ways to stick to a fitness routine is to pick one you like. For me Im running less as it became a chore and doing more intervals/hiit. Cardio is important to me...aiming for 1hr a week. Today I did:
30 second hill sprint
30 second jog
30 second lunges uphill
30 second rest
2 mins AMRAP of 10 goblet squats, 10 deadlifts, 10 kettlebell swings

I feel my #naturalhair is growing...all I do atm is wash/deep condition 1x week, wear wigs mostly (braid my hair underneath), moisturise daily, use as much natural products as I can, avoid combing on dry hair πŸ™Œ #nomakeup

Upper body day and a trip to Barry's Bootcamp

It's Friday πŸ™Œ...aka deadlift day
4 sets of 3 reps 120kg #weightsgoingup

1st Jan 2010 I made a new years resolution to join the gym...8 years later I'm still here πŸ™Œ and never taken a week off (#gymaddict). My advice to those who are making similar resolutions would be : try different types of fitness to find the one you enjoy/love, plan your workouts in advance and push through and keep going!

Upper body workout with circuits. 2018 will see less long distance running and more hiit (sprints/circuits) and my gym has new equipment 😍

My #2017bestnine (from top left)
1. Coming 3rd in my 2nd powerlifting meet
2. Finally paying off my student loan
3. Joining a powerlifting club
4. Leaving my job to start a new job with a promotion and entering middle leadership
5. Completing the Berlin Half Marathon in April
6. Finally doing my 1st powerlifting meet and coming 3rd after an unexpected operation meant I had to pull out of one in February (#icried)
7. Travelling to Morocco solo
8. Going to the Chale Wote Arts Festival in my 2nd home (Ghana)
9. Graduating with a Masters in Teaching
Safe to say after 2017 I'm so happy with what I've achieved. I'm looking forward to more powerlifting competitions, travel and fun!

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