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  Do good, and good will come to you 💍 @handsurg76

Love of my life


Views from our backyard 🥰

Proud to be yours 💗 #mce

Woke up feeling extremely blessed. Mashallah 🥰❤️

First time ever snorkeling and it was in the Red Sea. I don’t know if you guys know much of the stories in the Bible but this is the sea God literally opened in half for Moses. Subhanallah 🙌🏼🙏🏼🌊 just imagine thinking how are problems are so big and sometimes they hold us down in chains. But look at what Gods magnitude is able to do. Nothing is ever to big for God just seek in him. If God is able to split a whole ocean in half I’m sure he can help you find a way. ✨✨✨ change the spirit and the reality will shift.

Big shoutout to my mami @finessamartinez 💄💋: @makeupxness
For always always dolling me up for all my special events. Truly always making me feel like a queen! If you have any special events you are attending or having hit up my girl!! ✨✨✨

Beauty isn’t about having a beautiful face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul ✨

#tbt the rest of the clip to my proposal. I had lipstick in my teeth, my makeup was all fucked up, my baby hair/ extensions where everywhere. But this moment, this exact moment I have dreamed about my whole life. How it would be when the love of my life proposed to me, will this is it. The feeling is indescribable so special and so wonderful. After everything I have been through all the pain I have experienced, agony, depression, bitterness, the feeling of abandonment everything I have ever felt all went away I literally was in shock. I went into deep shock that I started trembling because I just could not believe how great GOD is!! I don’t know who needs to hear this but I was in such a dark place before I meet my husband partying every weekend, trying to hide my feelings always, drinking my problems away (as if they would go away) my husband was my light. He nurtured me every time we would hang out making me try new things I didn’t like, for example hiking I hated hiking, etc things I had never did in the past. Slowly but surely I started to fall deep in love with him. He completely changed my perspective on life and how to view it. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you believe in God as much as he believes in your will to want a better you, a better version of yourself everything is possible through GOD you just need to claim it and it is yours. Life is a cycle of ups and downs but we all are on this earth for a purpose fulfill yours, you matter ❤️


I was so honored to have had my great grandma attend my special event. For everyone that doesn’t know, my great grandma has outlived everyone she knew/ knows she will be 99 years old in August. She walks around with a broken hip and struggles everyday to get up and get going with this thing we call life but she made it to my special day I cannot thank God enough for letting her be with us for this long and inshallah many more years to come. I love you Nana ❤️

Last Saturday I signed my marriage contract a very special moment for my family and I, for the people asking if I got married the answer is no we just got formally engaged through the Islamic culture known as Katb El- Kitab a tradition that is a very private affair with just the family members and the bride and groom. I was very honored to have the people closest to my heart there to see us become one union. When talking about marriage, allah says your spouses are garments for you. A garment may or may not fit perfectly but either way it covers imperfections, protects and beautifies. True halal love story beginning in marriage and ending both entering paradise. I am so so happy I have taken this next step to ultimately fulfill my eternal love to my habibi. May our love grow stronger and deeper everyday for the rest of our lives inshallah. #katbelkitab 📷📸🎥
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