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In honor of yesterday being the first official day of summer, I created a bucket list for our very first summer. As excited as I am to make tons of memories with my little, I also came to the realization that I was complaining about the heat in what was technically considered spring and that I may not be mentally or emotionally ready to live in a real life suana! #linkinbio #toohottofunction

This little popsicle lovin, sassy pants is ten months old today! I have no idea what this face is, but it’s accompanied by a hissing sound and she does it all day long 😂

There are a few things that I’ve learned over the past couple of months: A) if it says 80 percent humidity or higher, don’t bother leaving the house b) a wedgie (in the front or back) is guaranteed when wearing mom shorts c) if you have anything in your hands, even a dirty diaper, expect that Aiden will want to give it the full inspection and possibly taste it to make sure she isn’t missing out on anything

As I was typing out my caption about what how we’ve had the Monday of all Monday’s, Aiden came over and cuddled in my lap. Naturally, I asked for a kiss, which she then proceeded to give me. However, mid kiss she bit down on my lips so hard that it made me shriek and my eyes started to water. She laughed and then crawled away... enough said.

Happy 1st Father’s Day to the guy who changes the crib sheets because he knows how much I hate doing it...who puts the baby to bed every night, even after a long day at work... who lets the snoring Boston sleep on his pillow, even if it means saying goodbye to a solid night’s sleep... who listen and supports all of my crazy ideas & endless list of projects. You make being a dad look effortless.

It’s 8:30 and the sun is barely setting, which means the night is young... for everyone but us lol we’re heading home, with take out and getting in our pjs. Happy Saturday, friends!

In case I didn’t talk/post about Nashville enough and you guys were like “omg please tell us more about your trip and post more pics because your mile long instastory feed and daily photos weren’t enough”, I’ve uploaded our travel diary + itinerary on my website!

This morning, Aiden went to her first play date with ten other little girls & I literally couldn’t contain my excitement for her. I also felt like a total newb because I wasn’t sure what or if I should bring anything. I finally decided that flowers were a safe bet, because I figured a bottle of wine at 9 am on a Thursday morning might not be so appropriate.

A) I don’t always hold my hair in photos, but I do when I’m trying to hide an obnoxious green waste band from the pool. B) I don’t always (actually I never) get to sneak away during nap time, so you know we went to the cutest place possible and took 124850 pictures to capture this rare occasion.

I promise we didn’t plan to wear the same color, but somehow for the past 9 years we always end up looking like the bobbsey twins. Also, yes, if you’re wondering, that is spit up on my leg courtesy of Aiden.

This morning I texted Matt and gave him an ultimatum. A) we move back to Georgia so that we could be close to @katebeswick and Nashville or B) I’m changing my name and Aiden & I are never coming back. Before you guys start judging, I WAS TOTALLY KIDDING WHEN I SAID THAT TO HIM, but we really have had so much fun & I don’t want to leave.

Told the barista not to mind my paparazzi doing their work, she looked at me and said, “You’re not the first girl to stand here and tell me that for an Instagram shot” #basic #idoitforthegram #sorrynotsorry

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