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✨ Momokun ✨  I like to pretend everyday is halloween and occasionally climb mountains. Cosplayer. Gamer. Model. The art of Tease.

"A master and her servant..." || @elizabethrage as Saber || photography by: @alive_alf

"Choose your path..." || Saber: @elizabethrage Emiya: @dude_riley || @alive_alf 🌹

"Heed my words.
My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you head the Grail’s call, and obey my will and reason, then answer my summoning!! Do so and I will entrust my destiny to your sword!" "On my honor as a saber, I accept your oath!" Saber: @elizabethrage
Photography: @alive_alf

"At this moment mariah realized this was not a good idea..."


Who is excited for PAX Prime?! Who am I gonna see there? Sorry haven't been posting as much trying to deal with a lot of stuff happening right now! But I'll be getting back to work on costumes very soon! Aka tonight! So excited to share all of the work that was done over the last 4 days in la. No rest for the wicked! || @dgnphotography

This shot was a lot more difficult than it looks, because the tide kept coming in and slamming me backwards lol. So I would fall then quickly pose again for the shot haha COSPLAY DEDICATION! || @dgnphotography

Isn't @dgnphotography incredible! 💙 || Cindy of FFXV or Ellie from borderlands you choose lol

I had a lot of fun this weekend. Thank you for surrounding me with nothing but smiles, hugs, compliments, and love. I've never felt so wonderful and free and really got to enjoy my time with so many friends. You all make me smile so much, especially during tough times to those who know what is going on recently in my private life. I appreciate you all so much. And to my fans who are always there for me and with the most supportive comments. I value every single word. There's so much I don't even get to see it all the time but just know you keep a smile on my face always. I will never let any of you or anyone down. Thank you... everyone 💖 || @mediumblast

Cindy FFXV || @yorkinabox Hat by: @ladyxzero Jacket weathered by: @gabriellecookecosplay

Teamwork 😎✨📸 || @dgnphotography

Shouldn't it be the other way around Prompto? Lol ft @vamplettes || @yorkinabox

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