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🖤 Momokun 🐮  I just really love to cosplay. And I love Lewds. Shitpost: @xmariahmalladx

I want more books and comics to read ! Please send me recommendations! My favorites are books that revolve around history and or mythology! I put Percy Jackson on my next to read list !

Just out here trying to post as many beach cosplays as I can! The end of summer approaches and I’m like YAAAAD BRING IT ON FALL!!!!!!!! // @dgnphotography

Summer is coming to an end, as we say good bye to the swimsuit cosplays, what are some costumes you wanna see me tackle this fall/winter! Love you guys!

This summer has been... FATEFUL, and I’ve loved every moment of it. I loved being able to bring so many of the Alt outfits to life from my favorite gals. and seeing everyone else’s cosplays as well <3 you all did so amazing. I just love seeing people cosplay Fate it makes my heart so happy. This morning has been bit of a lazy one but time to get out of bed and get work done! :3 I’ll be streaming chapter two of the Art of purring later today on @camversity ! Around 7pm! So tune in if you would like to listen to some life lessons and what really makes you happy 💖

Summer has been lovely, as we end I’m excited for all the Fall/Winter cosplays I have in the works. What is something you are working on? Or if your not working on anything, is there any cosplays you’d like to see from me? Love you peeps! 🦊💙🧡

Rider and Lancer at your service 💕⭐️

Tamamo Lancer drops on Patreon tonight!! Super excited about this shoot will be posting a few more teasers (: 📸: @square_noodles ( Also Marvin edited the tail on for all the shots cause we couldn’t get it to sit right especially with the wind it! But he did all the edits and he did incredible!)

“Your people need you.”

“I have become empty inside.” /: I cannot believe how many lovely comments i got on my last photo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’ve been dying to share these shots ! And I’m just beyond happy you enjoy them.

I have been very excited about releasing this shoot... it’s 3am and I just had to. I wanted to create a scene where Artoria has seen the monster she has become and question her own sanity in the singularity of Camelot. Artoria is one of those characters that I hold very dear to my heart so this wasn’t a normal lewd shoot, we actually went for more of a emotional boudoir. And my god did Alify capture that. The somber feeling throughout. I hope the you all will be able to see the love put into this, and the emotion behind it. I love you guys, thank you 💖📸: @alive_alf

My harvest fairy was one of my favorite shoots last year :3 November was full of goodies! Now I wanna post some of last years October ones! @maglirisphotography

Summer is bleh, move over cause fall and winter is coming :33 I have plans to do a Winter dragon this year! And I’m really excited about it :3

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