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It was such a lovely visit with the fabulous @ellenmarek here for a few days. Whenever a friend comes to visit it’s like a fresh wind came into my life. ❤️🌬

A day trip to the Ljubljana Castle 🐉🏰

My newest design. Thoughts? 😊☺️
Love in the movies is so misrepresented. In my experience, Love is a conscious, effortful decision. It’s a choice in many ways. An international relationship has its particular challenges. Whatever your love story is, make the decision to make it a success story ❤️

The power of “I Can”
The power of “I Will”
The power of love.
I didn’t tell many people I was going to fly to California with the kids by myself. Already a few people thought I was crazy. This wasn’t a trip to prove I was some kind of super mom. This was a journey for love; to spend time with someone I love. I went into this with a good attitude, armed with snacks and distractions. It wasn’t easy. Olivia was an absolute hero. She carried our snacks and her own blanket and she ran when we had to and had a great attitude. She was a happy and helpful girl. Leia... she needs to learn a few things from her big sister about traveling. We finally made it back to Europe. I’m so thankful for every moment of this past week. It was something I deeply wanted and then decided for. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, I did it anyway. Happily.

I love you, Gram ❤️
Thank you for being the matriarch who empowered your family and began the generations of strong women that have come after you.

I love this home. ❤️

Happy Sunday 🙏🏼
Take a moment to tell someone in your life that you love them. Tell them what you love about them. I’ve always thought that funerals are a place where you tell someone these things too late.

We traveled to California to visit my family for a week. It’s a short visit, but very worth it.

Some days you’ve just got to get glamorous.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to these two beautiful angels who have made me a mami. Motherhood brings out the best and the worst in me. Having one child gave me a new capacity for love. Having two children gave me a new ability to be fierce. It’s because of these two that I can be the most loving woman or the most violent mama bear. Motherhood has given me more than I could have ever imagined. To every woman who has been pregnant, given birth, adopted, fostered, and/or been a den mother to someone who needed it: Happy Mother’s Day. You bring life into this world. 💖🌷

Laško, my old friend. 🌲🌤💙

It feels good to look good.

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