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A throwback to a date with my Love ❤️

Dating would have been so much better if I had led with this 😂😍📖📚❤️

Can’t be in France and not buy a croissant 🥐 🇫🇷 ❤️


That hair though 😍 I wish I had the time to make my hair like this every day.

True. Story. I’m over here clicking “unfollow” left and right. The thing is, most accounts that are attempting to build one group of people up do it while tearing down another. It’s not that they’re all bad either. Many of their posts I look at with a hearty, “Amen!” I just believe that if your purpose and values are true, you should be able to rise simply by that alone.

Nothing like a good flannel to make me miss the PNW.

Hair day.

Coffee high ☕️💫🙃

1/3 it took A LOT of work on myself to post a photo like this with minimal to no makeup. It didn’t matter how people saw me, it was how I saw myself. Now I’m in this balance of “confident to go without makeup” and “dress my best to feel my best”. It’s never perfect and I’m still working on it. Every now and then I post a picture like this to remind myself that it’s good to be uncomfortable.

2/3 Sometimes the kids are just going to be in the photo 😂


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