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A birthday. 👄: Fleek @hellogorgeousmnlph

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I'm not really one to post really cheesy captions. But... Just humor me.
Happy with myself is all I ever want to be. A lot of people tell me not to be. Happy with myself, that is. I get conflicted because I have so so many insecurities that I try so hard to hide, but at the same time, I get so angry at myself for doing this because I like who I am. I like my body, and then I end up hating it. I let people affect the way I think of myself. I let them tell me what I can and cannot wear and what I need to change.
Who am I to preach body positivity if I can't even apply that stuff to myself? I want to be able to say that I don't care and I admire the people who are like that so much. I want to wear whatever I want and not worry about people seeing my arms, belly, or my thighs.

I guess I'm just... working on it? The being happy with myself part. Part of me is already there, I think, that's why I get so angry when I let the insecurities and what people say get to me. But that part needs a lot of help and it's buried under a lot of crap.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's okay to not be there yet. I'm not there yet. But I'm trying. And you should too. When it comes down to it, happy with ourselves is all what we should aspire to be. And once you get there, who cares what other people say? And even if you're not there yet, spread the love. It doesn't hurt to tell someone they are amazing once in a while. (Okay I just puked a lil in my mouth. This was a jumbled mess. I'll end this. Bye.)

Photographed by @domcruzportraits
Hair: @hairbymyckearcano
Make Up: @janneyamua
Styling: @thewilmark

Photographed by @thewilmark
Hair: @hairbymyckearcano
Make Up: @janneyamua
Styling: @thewilmark

Thank you @stephencapuchino and @zoomburst! ❤️


Photographed by @thewilmark
Hair: @hairbymyckearcano
Make Up: @aprilibanez
Styling: @hi_hieellz

I look so wasted in this picture because we were crying and screaming and sweating and basically losing our damn minds this day. But I still love it because we were soso happy this night and honestly, every time we're together, it's always like that.

Okayyy, so get ready for the cheesy birthday message! It's tradition. Thank you for being my bff since 2nd grade. Like, dude. That's such a long time. Distance, studies, careers, and just life in general may keep us apart physically most of the time, but I still feel so close to you. And every time we get together, it feels like we've never even been apart. You're still the one I turn to when big moments happen (you know what that is lolssss) because you're reactions give me life! 😂 whether it be trash talking, fangirling, big moments, and even little moments (that mean a lot to us bc we're feelingera). You know that I'll always be here to give my OA reaction to all your kwentos too!
I am so glad that I bonked your head with cartolina on the first day of school. We were both rly shy but somehow, we became besties in no time like we already knew each other. I love you very much, Ama! We're gonna have another moment like this real soon and I am so excited! Happy birthday!!! ❤️❤️❤️ PS. I forgot to post this yesterday because I fell asleep. (I am a fail!!)

I am so in love with this brand's products, so I decided to try out more! This is my recent haul from @hellogorgeousmnlph at the @trendsetterteam bazaar! From this batch I've tried and been loving the Unicorn Brush Wash, Foundation, Liner, Oatmeal Soap, and Shampoo! ❤️

90s vibes. ✌🏻️ Tap for details!

Getting ready for the Trendsetter’s Bazaar by @Trendsetterteam! See you on July 7-9 at the World Trade Center, Trendsetters! More giveaways are up on @TrendsetterTeam!

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