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Reading this beautiful book #thebookofjoy and looking at this picture of #dalailama and #archbishopdesmondtutu it remind me of two boys in kindergarten, cheeky, playful, eternally happy. So powerful to see two nearly 80 year olds, behaving like children and sharing the wisdom of old powerful souls. Indeed something to think about it... #douglasabrams #joy

Sharing part of one of my dear paintings from many years ago. Nice to remember that when I was little at kindergarten; I used to put a lot emphasis and effort in the drawing of the sun...they were always different, always bright.
Only to find out many years later in life that the SUN represents "the father figure". Sadly he is not longer in this earth but forever will be shining above my soul.

#Australiaday with friends, this year for the first time from the water. Incredibly beautiful. #love #strayaday #2017

Beautiful little corner at @livingedge Sydney's showroom. Loved to see so much beauty from pieces by @bassamfellows #furniture #timeless #love

#Drone shot by @dancoffey at our holiday house. Spot our friends on their boards.
#holiday #australia #love #friends

Beautiful and peaceful time away before we start the working year ahead. A very exiting one. #villaandvilla #holidays

Antique store in the Southern Highlands, how beautiful is this picture of a girl preparing her shop for the day trading. For cropping reasons I couldn't place the whole picture but on the right side was a queue of children waiting patiently as good potential clients. Love this memory of a moment. Gorbals, 1956.

Wishing you all only the best for 2017 from our beautiful #Sydney to the world. #NY2017 #NYfireworks #friends #Australia

Christmas Eve with friends.
Chilling out in the garden with #argentinianasado #sydney #australia @danielapenno @artisanmalbec

Today visiting the talented @floralsculptures Tracey Deep in her studio. Her #Beautyandthebush pieces are so incredibly whimsical. Getting into her studio was like going into the Jungle! Love you darling. #art #native #sydney #australia

When you encounter "Artists" of the calibre and humility of this man, you instantly see through his colourful sensual eyes, his memories, his dreams, his soul. Love your work but more importantly love the way you go through life.

The Sediment of Memory
New works by Eduardo Santos
Eduardo Santos works with gravity the way other artists work with oils or ink. Gravity guides the line and pins down his disparate materials of sand, earth, paint and varnish. Each layer accretes like sediment. The dense dry texture of sand and the lumpen rivulets formed by earth mixed with paint generate a haptic experience something like standing inside a river cave or being pinned beneath the glassy swell of a wave.
This is not landscape as scene but nature as elemental drama. These are paintings of tremendous presence and they are visually demanding. It is not quiet work. But the generosity and pent-up energy of every marking serve their own rewards.

Absent Bodies, 2016
@chiharushiota // In an interview with Chiharu Shiota, curator Andrea Jahn noted: "The artist constructs psychological spaces that confront us with our own unconscious, which takes on a firm in the installations, like a dream that has become a reality. The artist herself remains invisible in this place - she has freed herself of her role and leaves it at our disposal". In conjunction with this exhibition, Chiharu Shiota was invited by Melbourne Festival to create a monumental public work, "The Home Within", in which the artist reveals another embodiment of the transient home. Woven again in her signature red thread. L.O.V.E A must if you are #outandabout in #Melbourne #art

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