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Maria and Alexandra  Identical Twins Musically:Maria_and_alexandra 2.1Mil. 👻:Maria_sp97 Alexandra_sp97 CREATIVE TALENT MGMT Victoria Lyandres

The holy trinity: beauty of the mind, richness of the spirit, tenderness of the heart.🦋 @yamamayofficial #savetheocean #summercollection •ad

Do your own thing and ride your own wave🌊 @yamamayofficial #savetheocean #summercollection •ad

A “play or get played” generation⚡️

You will wish you did me different one day✨

Keep that fake love away from me🥀✋🏽

You always admire what you really don’t understand✨

I really can’t deal with people who don’t see nothing wrong in their actions, it’s 2018...learn how to self reflect.🌾

Never had a real one, always was the real one.♠️ pic by @billyheis

It’s better to say too much that never say what you need to say🌻

But tell me, who decided to paint you so flawlessly yet never gave you the confidence to stand in the light.✨ pic by the amazing @blackbirdtales

Darling, you are much too whole to be loved in halves.🍃 pic by @riaspiridopoulou featured on @vogueitalia

I can only connect deeply or not at all🥀 BTS for @vogueitalia

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