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Maria and Alexandra  Identical Twins👯 👻Snaps: Maria_sp97 & Alexandra_sp97 🌴Musical.ly: Maria_and_alexandra (2Million) 📧MariaAlexandraTwins@gmail.com

Some people lose diamonds in search of stones✨
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The sunset doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it. ✨

Give me all your attention or none of it because I can't live knowing that sometimes I'm important and other times I'm not.✨

If we wait until we are ready we will be waiting for the rest of our lives✨
#getanchored #paulhewitt @paul_hewitt

Some people wishes for things to happen, some others make it happen. Which one are you? 🌈

No other person on this planet was made for you, they were made for themselves. Love is all about choices. No one is going to be perfect for you. And we need to stop raising everyone on the belief that someone out there, just one other person in the whole world, was "made for you" because it's not true. No one is made for you, besides you. Other people belong to themselves. If you want to make it work with someone, it's about hard work, understanding, compassion, communication and choice.
#getanchored #paulhewitt @paul_hewitt

You don't have to be more attractive. You don't have to be attractive at all. You don't have to attract anyone or anything. You are not a magnet, damn it. You should be you for you and only you. And yes I am talking about you and you and you.✨

I dream of you in colors that don't exist✨

Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be✨

Maybe some girls are not meant to be tamed. Maybe they are supposed to run wild until they find someone, just as wild, to run with✨

Ain't nothing wrong with disappearing for a lil while and getting yourself together.✨

Kinda classy. Kinda hood.⚠️

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