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M Á R I. RM A R T I N E Z  Inglewood. UCSD Alum 🇲🇽👩🏽‍🏫

Another year. Another opportunity.

“For all he was given, he gave back. And for that legacy, South Los Angeles has been forever changed.” - @repkarenbass
#TheMarathonContinues 💙🏁

When asked, “When will it stop for you?”

@nipseyhussle: “I read something that gave me perspective. We look at life like ‘it’s about what you can get from life’ and I think...’that’s not what it is’. It’s about knowing you’re going to leave one day and you know when you leave, the only way you’re going to be fulfilled is if you know you gave everything you had and you emptied yourself here because it’s temporary and you got a moment.”

💙 your contributions to the city and culture will not be forgotten, Ermias.


“As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries season signals new beginnings.”
Regardless of your affinity for horoscopes, this Spring, continue to pursue what sparks joy in your life.

I (might) know the voices in my head aren’t real….. but sometimes their ideas are amazing.
#EmbraceYourself 🙆🏽‍♀️

✨250+ people came to celebrate moms 50 years of life; school friends she hadn’t seen in 30 years &family whose physical presence is missing from her daily life.
My heart is so full to see how amazing my mother’s life has been, full of love, evident in the positive relationships she’s sustained.
🇲🇽 250+ personas llegaron a festejar los 50 años de vida de mi mamá.
mi corazón está tan lleno de ver lo increíble que ha sido la vida de mi madre, el impacto positivo y las relaciones que ha mantenido a lo largo de los años.
Que Dios sigue bendiciéndola con mucho años más.

1st quinceañera in mom’s hometown. 🇲🇽 #MomsHomecoming
#29YearsLater she’s back ❤️

is the shirt white or blue ?


#ScienceFacts The color of clothing can appear an optical illusion (circa ‘the dress’ 2015) because of the way with which your eyes perceive the light reflected...
Moral of the story, familia, it’s a matter of perception.
Life’s beauty is everywhere, we just gotta stand in the right light to see it ✨

the ocean is salty,
you don’t have to be.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #EverythingInWaves

maybe she’s born with it,
maybe issa #SnapchatFilter.

moments of gratitude to pick up that attitude ⚡️
there is a positive/purpose to your experiences.
be kind to you.
be kind to others.
#TGIM #NewWeekSameGoals
—————————————————————— (#VoteNov6)

deep breath before you attempt something new;
deep breath once you’ve accomplished that something new.
You got this, fam. Si se puede✨
#BlackHairDidntCare #tb

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