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Margo Pilastro  🌹 az 🌵 asu ☀️

don’t worry, beach happy!

80% of this trip, I wore Lily’s clothes... frightening!

This isn’t the Vine I’m use too.

Guess how old biggie is today? 21!!!! Ahh Happy Birthday to my mom, hope you had the best time you don’t remember anything from last night! Please save some of mill for us when I get back! Love you Gibby ❤️

Watch out world the meatballs are officially 21 and I’m pretty sure I lost about 2 years of my life this weekend!

Happy Founder’s Day from my clique to yours 🖤💙❤️

Stuck up that bar because guess who’s going to Mill... Happy Birthday Laurie! 🍾❤️

What finals week looks like at ASU

There are two types of girls at formal... #ad #vans

My big is always looking out for me 💙

... a part of growing up! 🤭

Shoot your shot 🏀

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