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25-April-2017 "If I had my way we’d sleep every night all wrapped around each other like hibernating rattlesnakes." — William S. Burroughs

21-April-2017 When someone loves you, they will drink the ocean just to make sure you do not drown. - R. M. Drake

20-April-2017 Holding your hands shouldn't make it hard for me to breathe. - R. M. Drake

19-April-2017 Have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadn’t met a certain person in your life, your life would be completely different. - Inspirational Quotes

18-April-2017 Keep hope alive...

16-April-2017 "We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay." — Lynda Barry
Happy Easter!!!

13-April-2017 Live more, complain less. More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more blessed.
Have a blessed Holy Thursday ❤

10-April-2017 how could you think you are weak. when everytime you break, you come back stronger than before. - r. m. drake

07-Apr-2017 But the most beautiful things in life are not just things. They're people and places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments, smiles and laughter.

06-Apr-17 The choices we make, the people we miss and the moments were meant to lose forever. - R. M. Drake


04-Apr-2017 When I am with you, there is nowhere else I'd rather be. And I am a person who always wants to be somewhere else.

02-Apr-17!And then my soul saw you, and it kind of went like " Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you. " - Iain Thomas, I wrote This For You

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