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Marcyna DiAntonio  ▪️Nursing Student-U of R ▫️English Tutor- Uof R ▪️Track Coach ▫️Home made Kombucha! @bubbly_bucha ▪️Chaos of my mind: link below

Always happier after gelato, and I guess Cades company was ok too! 😉🍨 #whatCanISay #ImItalian #edmontonWasGoodToUs

Back attack w/ core & shoulder stabilizers ✌🏼 Minimal rest; 4 sets of everything. 45 minutes. Burns lemme tell ya 😅

#littleApartmentGymWorkouts #gymToMyself

How simple life used to be ✌🏼😌 #letsRewind

You guys, the homemade pizza worked 🇮🇹💁🏼‍♀️ #engaged #heTookWifeMeSeriously #sealingTheDEAL

Summer for women: no bras, no pants, no complaints 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ #noComplaintsHere #whoLikesPantsAnyways?

For my last day on Labour & Delivery, I made sure to pay attention to more than the fetal position or length of contractions. A mom-to-be told me “overalls are always better than pants” & I think this is the best thing I learned all semester ✌🏼 #momsKnowBest #year3ClinicalDone 📷: @cade.deal_

So saying I died is an understatement 💁🏼‍♀️ Psyched to be throwing some more plyo in the mix for leg day though ✌🏼 swipe to slide three for the full workout!
#legDayDeath #sweatSesh #monday

I really do believe people are drawn to each other based on energy exchange. These babes are so radiant with love💕 so eternally grateful to have such amazing people in my life.

Sunday Mantra: 〰️I will find my happiness,
I will create positivity〰️ #sundayMantra #thinkHappyBeHappy

I t h i n k I have a handle on this world⁣

I F e e l It is better with you in it ⁣

Eternally grateful for this beautiful lady for getting me though some of my hardest days and celebrating the best moments. This friendship is eternal Shelbs, thanks for everything 💕⁣

#iThinkIFeel #halfBrain #halfHeart #domiInks #ink #happyEarlyBirthdayToMe #nursingFriends

Bout time to make a comeback ✌🏼 #letsgoletsgo

🌸Raw emotions found here 🌼⁣

Feeling lost in my own headspace lately,⁣

Like I have too much living to do and too little life to do it. I am truely finding it stressful; being ambitious. ⁣

And if I’m honest, I’m not entirely sure what my ambitions even are in some aspects.. and nothing I have been doing has been able to free me from that feeling: writing, meditation, lifting, yoga etc.

That said; I still have no magic answer, but I am putting this out there as my own positive reminder to reconnect and ground myself to this world, and find purpose again in the moments. ⁣

#breatheDeeply #reconnect #meditate #regroup #cheers

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