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......she says : “ what’s wrong?” Y/nbff jumps up and hugs her but y/n was so surprised that they both fell back. Y/n fell to the wall and hit her head . She has a laceration on her head. Mac called an ambulance and she was in the hospital. Then , her pulse was going down and it wasn’t there anymore. The doctors kept her alive. When Tinus heard about this he just ran to the hospital. Y/n was better now. Y/BFFn and Mac were sitting next to y/n. Tinus was happy that y/n is fine. Y/n didn’t tell Tinus what happened so Mac walked out the room and told him that it was an accident but it almost took her life . Tinus cried. “It’s my fault. I wasn’t by her so it’s my fault!” “Tinus it’s not your fault! It was an accident!” The both walked in the room. Y/n was able to go home in 2 days and Tinus asked if he can help her. She said yes. He took the small bag with stuff in it. As he wanted to say goodbye she just kissed him. Then she said:” see ya tomorrow babe and we’ll talk about everything “ Tinus was very happy that they were a couple again. He ran back home and told y/BFFn and Mac about it. Mac and y/BFFn were on the couch and were watching a scary movie so Mac was holding her hand. As she heard that y/n and Tinus are back together she jumped up and hugged Tinus . The next day Y/n and Tinus went to the park ....
To be continued ❤️🌑🌹

Part 4
And then he saw that ... she has cutten herself . He said they will go to the doctor or at least to show it his parents. Y/n don’t wants to tho anything . Tinus puts his arm around y/n and they walk to a waterfall. They sit down and he tells y/n that he wants to talk with her about everything but she doesn’t and wants to go home . In that Moment Tinus take her hand and doesn’t let her go :” Pls tell me what’s happening and don’t lie to me ! I just want to help you .. we’ve been through very hard things together.” That are the best words that she ever heard in her life . She cries . He hugs her and don’t let her go until Mac comes. He says: “ Is everything okay? You’ve been away for 4 hours already !” They now see the sunset. Y/n will sleep in their house today too but she has to sleep in Mac and Tinus’s room because Emma had a sleepover with a fried in her room. In the afternoon she tells everything Mac and Tinus . Tinus has his arm on her shoulder and listens , but as she says that she thought he had something with Britney he goes crazy. Mac tries to calm him down but he is on his way to another room and comes 1 o’clock in the night back. He was drunk again. Mac says that Tinus better be sleeping on the couch today. And that is what he does. The next morning. Y/n thinks that everything is fine now but ... oh well.. he doesn’t speak with her anymore. She says that he said she mustn’t lie to him. But she is very confused. Tinus hopes that everything will be as before. Y/n was crying every day and she don’t knows what she have done to him. Next week and they don’t speak with each other ... they don’t even look at each other. Ybff/n , Jessica and Loren are trying very hard to bring them back together but nothing happens .. Mac sees how bad it is for ybff/n and asks why that matters , it’s not her problem. She says: “ that’s the point. We both think the same way and we are just like one person .. we even had the same idea for Christmas presents . “ Now she just cries cus she doesn’t have an idea how to help Y/n. Mac hugs her and tries to calm her down. In this Moment y/n comes in the room and says... to be continued 😊❤️

These are my favs ❤️ @marcusandmartinus Next part from don’t lie to me is coming soon , are u ready ?❤️

Part 3
Mac runes after y/n. But he can’t find her anymore. He walked in and told ybff/n and Tinus. They all were shook and worried about her. Tinus still don’t knew what was going on, why she just ran away. Ybff/n was shocked , Y/n haven’t done this before. They called all of Y/n’s friends but nobody knew where she is. Tinus called the police and after 5 hours they found y/n in the forest. Tinus and Mac took her home cause er parents weren’t there. She slept in Emma’s room. Y/n didn’t wanted to say what’s wrong. She always said she’s okay and there is nothing and she wants to be alone. The next day morning Y/n went home and locked herself in her room. She now was sitting there for about one day. She didn’t drank and ate anything. Tinus wasn’t able to talk with her. He just sat there on the floor next to the door until she drinks or eats something. Y/n walked out with something around her hand. She didn’t wanted to show Tinus what she had on her arm. He took the ring away and then he saw that ...
To be continued
Hope you like it like it 😂❤️

Part 2
She shouted loud! The parents from Mac and Tinus ran over and called the doctors. They said that they have to go to the hospital as fast as possible. Y/n was on her way in the car with Tinus parents and her parents were driving behind them. Tinus had to go in coma so he can come alive again. Y/n was for 3 weeks every day with him. Her parents called in the school and the doctors had a bed for her. She didn’t eat and drank at all. Mac was sometimes there too and he asked y/n every time if she is okay but she didn’t reacted at all. In the 3 week he finally opened his eyes. She was reading a book. Tinus looked at her and she cried. He asked quietly if everything is okay. Y/n was very happy cause he lived again that she pulled him into a hug. Y/n is mad at Britney, because she just kissed Tinus even though she knew he has a girlfriend. She was also disappointed from Tinus but she loves him very much so she can’t break up. Tinus thought it all will be like before but it wasn’t. Mac and ybff/n were a couple now. Y/n is also not like before. Tinus wanted to do a couple afternoon. They were in the restaurant and nobody said something. Y/n just stood up and ... cried while running away. Tinus was shocked , he didn’t knew what was happening...
ybff/n = your best friend’s name
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Part 1
It was the night of the 16. Birthday from Mac and Tinus. That’s why they are on their way to a party where they will meet their friends. Both of them take a cocktail. The house was very full. After the cocktail Tinus ordered a whisky and he drank the Glas all on ex, so he was only one hour in the party and was already drunk. Mac talked the whole time with girls that think he’s hot. Jessica and Loren too. They are the best friends from Mac. Tinus goes straight to them and Mac directly saw that he’s drunk, and shouter to him :
“ What did you do!? Are you okay?” “Yes I’m good! I’ve only drank one Glas.” Mac goes directly to the bar and asked how much has Tinus drank. He says Tinus has drunked two Bottles. Mac surched for Tinus but he couldn’t find him. He only saw Loren and Jessica standing there. Loren get something to drink. As he looked for Tinus he saw him kissing Britney. Marcus was so angry so he pulled people from his way and he pulled Tinus away from Britney. He said:
“What the fuck are you doing! You are drunk! On your 16 birthday, what’s wrong with you!?” Mac took Tinus by the hand and took him out the house. As they both were outside Mac said :
“ What the hell is wrong! You have a girlfriend!” In that minute Y/n is broken down in tears , Loren tries to. calm her down. Jessica ran after Mac and when she was outside she hit Tinus. Jessica and Mac walked in and left Tinus outside. After one hour Tinus goed home. As he came home he ran upstairs laid down on his bed and cried. He cried so long that Mac was home. Mac ran to Tinus’s room and saw him.
“Have you calmed down?”
“NO!,i haven’t”he cried again and Mac left him alone. It was the 21 of February, 5 am. Tinus goes outside to the garage and he boxed for 2 hours. It was cold as fuck. Tinus cried again and then he saw black and layed on the floor powerless. Y/n wanted to talk to him and to ask what the hell happened yesterday so she asked Kjell-Eric where he is.
“ He’s in the garage “ Y/n goes in and saw Tinus laying there powerless. To be continued..
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Lüg mich nicht an ......................................................................
Vorgeschichte :
Y/n ist glücklich mit Tinus zusammen doch Tinus vermutet das sie ihn betrügt , weil sie kaum Zeit für Tinus hat und sich die ganze Zeit mit anderen trifft. Zu deren 16 Geburtstag haben sie eine Erlaubnis von ihren Eltern bekommen auf eine Party zu gehen. ...................................................................... Don’t lie to me ......................................................................
Prehistory :
Y/n is happy together with Tinus but Tinus thinks she is cheating on him because she doesn’t have any time for him and is always out with others. For there 16. Birthday there parents allowed them to go to a party.
...................................................................... Thanks for reading , part 1 coming soon ❤️
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