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Marciano Art Foundation  #MAF is a contemporary art space in Los Angeles

“At first I think about the material. It is the first reference to the emerging image. After that it is important to me to completely lose myself in the process up to the point where I exit the image. A stroke is a stroke. What you see is what you get.” - #PeppiBottrop | Installation of Albert Oehlen/Peppi Bottrop: Line Packers”, currently on view at #MAF. #AlbertOehlen #LinePackers

The Rorschach test and its psychological implications have been explored by many artists, from Andy Warhol to Bruce Conner, and can currently be found at #MAF in the work of Swiss artist Mai-Thu Perret. In Migrane I, Perret has elevated carpet from a floor decoration to a wall-based artwork, displaying a visualization of how a migraine might take form. | #MaiThuPerret, Migraine I, 2010, currently on view in Selections from the Marciano Collection.

Congratulations to #MAFartist #BarbaraKruger on her new mural, Untitled (it), 2018, on view @laxart. Kruger’s hallmark is graphic, provocative text and we excited to see her work brought to the public!

“It was a theater and typically you would have a situation where people would come in, sit down, and then, relatively speaking, they would be passive. And they would then experience, and maybe one could say they would ‘consume’ what was going on on the stage. I also was curious about, could I reverse, or turn that around, and somehow come up with a narrative of, where the people in room are in fact not just consumers, they are also producers.” #OlafurEliasson on #Realityprojector. | @studioolafureliasson 🎥: @eyecanbomb

Art is everywhere at #MAF, even crawling up the side of building! Make sure you catch Erika Verzutti’s sculpture on your way in 🐛 | #ErikaVerzutti, Centipede, 2017 | 📸: @mshomey

Available now in the #MAF Bookstore: @theskateroom’s collaboration with Albert Oehlen. The skateboards feature an Untitled work from Oehlen’s computer painting series, which famously used digital means to create a composition and are also currently on view in Albert Oehlen/Peppi Bottrop: Line Packers” | #AlbertOehlen #LinePackers

Gabriel Orozco has long used established rules to create the compositions of his paintings. In his ‘Particle Paintings,’ he employed rectilinear patterns of dots to produce a number of subjects, including other works from art history, such as Piet Mondrian’s signature grids. ⚪️⚫️🔴🔵 | #GabrielOrozco, Mondrian's Composition Grid Red, 2011, currently on view in Selections from the Marciano Collection.

Reality projector by @studioolafureliasson is up all summer ☀️ Plan your visit and book your FREE tickets today! | #OlafurEliasson #Realityprojector 📸: @joshuawhitephotography

Plan your summer road trip to the @thebrantfoundation! Their current exhibition features the work of three artists also in the #MAF Collection: Joe Bradley, Oscar Tuazon, Michael Williams. The artists’ works are presented in dialogue to highlight a shared aesthetic and is on view through October 1. | #JoeBradley #OscarTuazon #MichaelWilliams

“Both my sculptures and my paintings sit in a space between abstraction and figuration, or more recognizable elements. I'm always playing with what the perception of things in the work are, and attempting to build imagery or objects that go in and out of focus in a way. What appears to be a rotten lemon to one person could be a deflated, burnt basketball to someone else. Both these readings are just fine.” - #ToreyThornton. | Torey Thornton, Some Traces Of Vanity Only For The Sake Of The Picture, 2014, currently on view in Selections from the Marciano Collection.

“A carpet is a painting, and a painting is a carpet. It is only our position in relation to them that changes. Our relation to life, to a painting or to a carpet, is the same relation we have to the earth we stand on: it moves but we don’t feel
it.” - Francesco Bonami on #RudolfStingel. | Rudolf Stingel, Untitled, 2012, featured in Selections from the Marciano Collection. 📸: @mikalangelo555

Ryan Sullivan’s abstract paintings have been described as seeming like draped fabric, flowing lava, lunar landscapes and even algae on a stagnant pond. The artworks are simply paint on canvas, but Sullivan layers paint types of all varieties – such as oil, acrylic, latex and enamel. As the chemicals merge and layers begin to dry, the paint runs, pools and crackles, creating unique otherworldly surfaces. | Ryan Sullivan, December 8, 2011 - December 17, 2011, 2011, featured in Selections from the Marciano Collection.

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