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Marching Band Unite  Admins: ~fluteninja -PV2. Boss -George__crown -MelloMan ~twinclarolo

Guys I randomly saw this on facebook and was dying laughing because the pic is actually of MelloMan and I's band😂 (Miami University) ~fluteninja

Here's a throwback... Also an announcement that I have decided that I'm going to officially audition this year, so hopefully you'll see me out on the field next summer!! -MelloMan

This made me laugh so hard😂 GUYS. MBU is four years old! What would you like us to do to celebrate? ~fluteninja

This is all too real for me! Who else is going to be a senior?😅 P.S. don't forget to comment questions for fluteninja and I on our last post!😁😊 ~twinclarolo

I choose blue. What about you guys? Also, I registered for college marching band last night so that was awesome😊 ~fluteninja

I was crying laughing when I was reading this😂😂😂 ~fluteninja

When you go to a concert you'd better not have ear plugs!! - MelloMan

Welcome to the end of year one of college to me... Sorry I've been away, but enjoy this Meme! I'm curious to hear how everyone's school year went, high school or university! - MelloMan

The accuracy hurts😂 Guyssss I'm so excited to march again in the fall after not being able to at the college I went to this year ~fluteninja

Just gonna bless your insta feed with this from my twitter feed😂 (follow me @musicianfaith on both if you want🙄) ~fluteninja

I laughed so hard at this😂 So we set our next glee club show tonight! Only 2 months away, and we're doing it with a Polynesian dance group! I'm really excited for what that adventure holds😁 ~fluteninja

In preparation for dining hall good starting back up again... I thought I'd share all this delicious food with you.. 😂 - MM

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