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Critical condition

Critical condition

Critical condition.......

God has blessed us so much. I love Gbay...!!!

She is my wife.. for life...

God bless you Martell Jordan Miller I love you unconditionally I well never forget you. Just lying in my bed thinking big brother is gone and his baby son gone. But I know you are in a higher place. Your with God now the both of you are together now because I know you missed him love him very much and you said it everyday.

I'm at peace now. Cuz you're in heaven with God..... you mad peace with God before you passed. And you have changed my life your uncle Marcellus as you would say. I'm going to get closer to God after this losing you has changed my life for the good of God. Thank you my beautiful nephew.

Because I do want to see you again and I know the only way that I'm going to see you again is in heaven and I have to get right with God. So with that being said I will see you again in heaven.

I want to thank everyone for the support and prayers God bless everyone of you amen!!!!!!

Throwback picture with Moe Jr and Martell came to see their uncle on a Sunday after I got out of church. Love you both so much. Be strong MOE!!!

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