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Marcellina Bella  🌻Future Professional💈✂️ 🌻Animal Lover 💟🐷🐶🐮

my ❤️

I love homegoods almost as much as i love him🚻

Happy birthday to the world's best french toast maker😋 i love you so much and thankyou for all that u do💕

Still just as weird, just not as awkward🙄 #iwas13

Idk why i never posted this 🙄

Me thanking God that im back at dance🙏🏼 #itsbeen2years #grounded

Bangin bangs✂️

Im awkward in photos

Im gonna miss my favorite person😩 #thatsmeintheback #pmts

So how about that $11 an hour?👅

He's got fuckboy hair

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