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The Real Marc Mendez  🇻🇮 | Business Email: 📍Buffalo, N.Y Makeup artist 💄 Dm or email ^ me to set up a date🗓📌

All done ❤️

Seeing @jessiej was such an honor. I’ve wanted to see her live since I saw the video of her singing at the subway years ago. She just so freaking talented and she stunning in videos but man in person it’s a whole different experience 😭 she makes you believe in yourself. I for sure want to see her live again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Exactly why I barely have friends now

Baby tank top 😭

All done ❤️

I love seeing the finished product 👏🏽❤️

Just chilling 🍕

Wish I could’ve just cheer one more season 😭


This hit me hard 😭❤️

Spamming your feed with my makeup 💄

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