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Concentrate on the abundance you do have. Make it solid and real by acknowledging it. It’s easy to overlook the many things we are granted – oxygen, the blood rushing through our veins, the food we eat; the people we know, the love we have for our friends and family, the companionship of animals and nature; the warmth of the sun; the sustenance of water, the air, and the earth. All these things are around us; they’re our “temple,” so to speak. We have to be grateful for what we have. –Stuart Wilde

Le ciel est si gris, mon cœur si noir

Il y a bien plus de choses qui nous font peur, que de choses qui nous font mal

There are some people in this world who you can just love and love and love no matter what✨

yall ever be losing your fucking mind but chilling at the same time

Notre vie est faite d'oublis. De longues années passent, ne laissant en nous nulle trace, obscurcies de brume et d'ennui, et parfois quelques instants, parmi tant d'autres, brillent en nous d'une éclatante lumière, jalonnant mystérieusement le cours de nos destins.
- Daniel-Rops

I’m not holding on to old feelings I just haven’t found any new one yet

she’s the sweetest taste of sin

wish i could have someone to be adorable with💝💞💘💖💗💕💓

I have learned that feeling empty sometimes is okay. I’ve got to refill myself with something at some point. Art, love, solitude, random acts of kindness. I really don’t know, but that’s what makes being whole again so exciting

When searching for happiness be sure not to over look the little moments in life, because often times that is where it lingers the most. You will find some kind of happiness residing in the first sip of freshly brewed coffee or in the colors of the sky as the first summer sun sets, the silvery foam of the waves crashing against the shore or even in the laughter lines of the one you love most. I promise you will find an abundance of happiness in the smallest, most usual of things, if only you know where to look and when.

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