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Helena  ✨Mother and proud Army wife✨ NY born. CO has my heart. Live in TX.

So I decided to go through my lipstick 💄 collection and see what was worth keeping and what was destined for the bin. I discovered a few things:
1) I apparently love to buy deep berry colors even when I know I will never wear them
2) I have a secret obsession with orange lipsticks
3) I spend waaaaay too much money on this crap

Jennie and I are being bad ;)

I came home to a ton of sweet treats on my doorstep!! #amarenafabbri #amarenacherry which are delicious on everything and Parkers Maple Butter #parkersmaplebutter and their amazing Maple cotton candy #parkersmaplecottoncandy !! Seriously, sooooo good!!

I posted this on FB but I thought I would post it here as well: this is the last selfie I took with hair. 5 hours later I shaved it all off to fulfill the happiest of obligations, a fundraiser drive to raise money for #StBaldricks which will fund childhood cancer research. I'll post pics of my bald head soon ;) #stbaldricks2017

This very well might have been the most amazing dish I have had in Texas since moving here 6 years ago. That says a lot. Even the fat was perfectly cooked and delicious. EXPENSIVE but SOOOOOO worth every penny. (Also, my husband and I were soooooo under dressed but I'll just chalk that up to last minute NYE kickoff plans)

My little glass globe of happiness on my desk!!

Oh, this child... ❤️ ...I am so thankful that the old man upstairs chose me to be his mommy

I would have shared my first slice of NY pizza since getting here but I was starving and it was screaming at me. So damn good!!!!!

We have some creative people here!

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