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Ran into a sweet friend from another time on my way to the market. Buried my face in a giant tub of lilies of the valley. A reminder to soften and trust that the magic will find you.

part of Ladybug, by Joan Mitchell, 1957. On view right now in the show Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction @themuseumofmodernart. From the exhibition notes: "Mitchell set out not to describe nature, but 'to paint what it leaves me with.'"

#TypewrittenTales yesterday at the garden for #LESHistoryMonth. Stories and poems about the neighborhood are typed out by hand and compiled into annual zines by Anna Adler and garden member Sally Young. My old Packard and my Sears Tower Constellation look forward to this event every year! Here, @efram_photography types out a tale of his own to add to the collection, on a #RemingtonNoiseless.

White friends, it's on us to break the silence, and to keep breaking it. I'm sharing these blooms in honor of #TerenceCrutcher, who should still be alive today. The officer who killed him while he was unarmed and had his hands up should not be returning to work this week. No one is safe and free until we're all safe and free. Find an organization doing police accountability work in your community, wherever you are, and find out how you can support their work. Show up. Talk to your people and get them involved, too. It's our responsibility to take care of each other.

#sayhisname #blacklivesmatter

Our native #honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) @6bgarden showing off for #NYCWildflowerWeek! #nativeplantlove
p.s. Did you catch me chatting about life + business over on the @indiebusiness podcast this week? It was a treat to talk to Donna Maria about intuition, my bathtub in the kitchen and how Marble & Milkweed came to be 🛁 link in profile!

Camassia quamash in full bloom at 6&B | did you know it's #NYCWildflowerWeek? | #FlowerReport #nativeplantlove

The last day of the Plant & Bake Sale @6bgarden - rain or shine! Noon-5pm. Yet more cookies + tons of malted rye bread made by my sweetheart. See you there?

I made my usual favorites for the @6bgarden Plant & Bake Sale today! The plant selection is looking 👌🏼 and the sun is even peeking through! Stop by for jasmine tea shortbread made with @farmergroundflour and @rishitea + @tartinebakery's chocolate rye cookies made with @askinosie chocolate, among many other delights! ❤️

A sweet treat for your Friday afternoon! This week, I delved back into my pastry chef past to create a spring sundae using @victorygardennyc's Rose Petal Goat Milk Gelato (a flavor very much after my own heart!) and some of my very favorite ingredients, including rhubarb, cardamom, coconut and pistachios. Get the recipe via link in profile!

Seedlings all ready for our annual Plant & Bake Sale @6bgarden this weekend! Come by on Saturday and Sunday from noon-5pm for homemade treats and plants of all persuasions! This sale helps support our events program, which offers hundreds of free programs to the public throughout the growing season. Hope to see you there! 🌿

Tulsi and I making a cup of my rose geranium jade oolong on this chilly morning. A beautiful jade oolong (reminiscent of lilacs and lilies) from a small, sustainable tea estate in Nantou, Taiwan mingles with organic rose geranium from @lancasterfarmacy for a steep that is pure spring. A well-crafted oolong can be brewed multiple times to appreciate an evolution of flavor. This blend is also delicious cold-brewed, if the day calls for it. One of my very favorite seasonal limited-editions, quantities are very limited! Link in profile to purchase. 🌿

Say his name: Jordan Edwards (2002-2017) #blacklivesmatter

We can’t afford to get numb to this. He was a human being. A son, a brother, a friend, a teammate. Unarmed, 15 years old. Shot by the police in Texas this week. There is a human being behind each one of these strange little photo boxes we observe each other through, and it’s our collective responsibility to reaffirm out loud, with extra fortitude, the right of communities of color, our friends and neighbors, to live without fear for their safety and the safety of their children.

Imagine what radical change we could make if we recognized taking care of our planet, taking care of each other and taking care of ourselves all as inseparable parts of the practice of being alive. If we could bring these elements into balance. I’ve been thinking a lot right now about where those intersections are in my own work and life, and I’ve been talking about a lot of things on my social media that probably seem unrelated to botanical skincare. I believe these three care-taking practices cannot be unlinked from each other, there is no way to separate them. So I’m going to keep talking about about balancing the responsibilities we have to our planet, to our communities (especially our most marginalized and vulnerable), and to ourselves. I’m a human being. I run a tiny business. I’m going to keep talking out loud about racial, gender, environmental, and economic justice. And I hope you will, too, no matter your reason for being here.

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