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🙋🏽‍♀️ MORNING!

#tbt YUNG M. PARIS. 2013. OLÉ

#wcw going out to my favourite @themajorettes 💞 Looking forward to a very busy summer performing with these girls - been thinking a lot about them and what it means to be part of such an amazing group of women - I can’t believe it’s been 6 years?!?! How did that happen?! @soniya6 you better sort that knee out - not sure we have enough pearl tape left to cover a set of crutches... **oh no I tried to tag everyone and it was impossible sorry if I missed you especially Francesca I couldn’t find your handle?! Soz.. LOVE YOU ALL THO!! 💞💞💞

HAPPY MONDAY! I love having regular classes again! BUT - I’m going to leave LA in a few weeks lol - so catch me while you can! Saturday’s in Chinatown - link to the class in my bio or email me 🎥 @malinfezehai 💇🏽‍♀️ @zoieroman helping me get my dream fro 💋

When I was 8 my mum taught me how to hold a set of keys between my fingers. I remember really thinking it through, how I would have to hold them very tight, so that they would not just fold back and hurt my hand if I tried to try to stab someone. ‘Aim for the eyes!’ She said. Every time I have walked back to my car at night or even just a quiet street or car park, I remember this conversation. Every. Time. Because it’s a jungle out there.
Meanwhile, on here, i’m not looking for a fight - I’m not here to discuss what we already know - WE KNOW it’s not fair - WE KNOW that telling women they somehow got themselves raped or killed is 100% CRAZY. I don’t need a million stickers on the back of bathroom doors, a protest T-shirt, or a PSA to convince me of this - IT’S LOGIC. IT’S FACT. IT’S TRUTH. But that doesn’t mean it will prevail in the immediate future. All I want to say is this: When, not if, but WHEN you feel unsafe there are things you can learn to do that may be useful; know that if you are grabbed from behind you can scrap and bang your heel against an attackers shin - shins are very sensitive - smash them with your heel HARD. Take a self defense course because you CAN. Don’t forget the injustice of the situation but rather than talking about female empowerment - become an EMPOWERED FEMALE - literally - give yourself every tool you can - life is not always fair - but you know what they taught me at girl guides - BE PREPARED. Until we start living in Utopia I intend to be and I want my friends to be too.
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#eurydicedixon I am sad and I am angry and I am sorry. Not fair. Not right. Not a woman’s responsibility to not get attacked. Not a woman’s job to change.

LA FRIENDS! I have 4 more classes before I go back to Europe! Please join me Saturday’s for Hoop Classes in Chinatown ✌🏽 link in bio or email me for info! Tag your LA mates! pic @trentonmichael

#tbt All my favourite pairs of skates. Tag your friend that thought you were joking about these.

That time @gypsytaylor showed us what a Hollywood birthday should look like. 📷@trentonmicheal

Pics Billy Baque

#girlguidebook GIVEAWAY!! I have one copy of my book to giveaway! To enter:
1. Repost this image
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My #girlguidebook is aimed at 8-12 year olds but a lot of older girls and women have still found it a useful source of information! It covers 50 lessons in learning to love your changing body. Periods, thrush, hormones, emotions, pimples, the works! Featuring illustrations and art direction by @sinemerkas and images by @jo_duck 🇺🇸 entries only this time! But it is available in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Argentina! ✌🏽

💛🧡❤️💜💙💚 HAPPY PRIDE!!!! ALL THE COLOURS ALWAYS. I went to see To Wong Foo last night and then today relived all the incredible moments from Priscilla Queen of the desert with @timmnolan GAH! So RELEVANT! So GOOD! - Going to watch it again today. So many things to be grateful for (on a shallow level I learned all my make up tricks from drag queens, my blending situation was a DISASTER before I met @legateauchocolat 😬🤡) VIVA VARIETY FOREVER. This is a great day for celebration!! 💞 Here is my favourite hologram rainbow costume 📷 @jo_duck

Last night at the prince tribute skate night @officialmoonlightrollerway -this LEGEND. Loved her outfit. Also thanks @planetrollerskate for my SUPER SHINY new wheels!! 🙏🏽💜🙏🏽

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