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MotleysWay  📍Miami ♦️ Nupe MBA 🖋 Brand Management - @lilcoachtmbtc Contact: “The Marathon Continues”

Everybody actin’ like they know, Don’t just say you’re down You gotta Show Me! 30 means 10 more attempts to make Forbes 40 under 40. 🍾🍾🍾 Yacht Boys


The game shows love to you when you respect it and put in the hours. My entire mental has changed since I’ve entered my 20’s. I’ve learned that materials things are just things. I’m truly loving life’s joys at the moment. This is my version of 30. I’ve put in the work and now it’s time to enjoy it a little. To be continued ... 🎈30 “The Marathon Continues.”

Loungin’ 🛋

Big ups to my family @rob.veggies and @trapgarden for being featured by @redbullamaphiko. “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead”🥦🥕🥬 - New Levels 🎯

Still reppin’ the set - YO! to the Nupes! @themiamimarathon @atng1931 👌🏾
#BlackMenRunToo #305HalfMarathon #Athlinks #Nupes

Do you know that feeling? - @raybandz317 “Marathon Motley 13.1”

#MiamiMarathon #305halfmarathon #BlackMenRun

We used to use umbrellas to face the bad weather
So now we travel first class to change the forecast - Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ The Prototype

R E S E T M O D E 🇮🇸✌🏾

Don’t let them lie to you, it’s NOT lonely at the top. Word to @thecamkirk & @nike on the collaboration. 📸 @chanb__ Patta Boyz

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything! The best part about it is that I did it my way. Fam, look at my big ass smile!

Who else you goin' run with, the truth is us
Only dudes moving units, 'em, Pimp Juice and us 👑 #ClothTalk 📸 @mosaicbymg

Address me as “Marathon Motley” #MiamiFamous

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