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Mara Sternberg  אלוהים הוא טוב והחיים יפים|WTX|


Kalon |kA’-lon| n. Beauty that is more than skin deep.

Always enjoy spending time w/ Jo. So much joy, laughter, & love fill the room w/ her. •

p.s. didn’t get the memo that jeans were acceptable at church but hey maybe next year..

I would rate Enchanted Rock a 12/10 but then I busted my knee falling, so im going to have to give it a 3/10...

Starting the Christmas Festivities off right w my gorgeous girls ❤️🎄

As most of y’all know I never cared for a dogs presence until Rhaegs came into my life. After a month and a half of Rhaegs being sick for a few day, bouncing back, and being sick a few weeks later he’s been diagnosed with Leptospirosis. This is a disease caused by rodents/affected water from rodents, that effects dogs kidneys and livers. Today after the vet visit his kidney levels are to the point where they’ve been shot and are dying. We admitted him to the doggy ER in hopes to flush his kidney/liver to bring his kidneys back to a healthy state but the vet said his chances of recovery are slim & doing this will only give him a few weeks to a month left with him. The pain I’m feeling today is worse than the pain of my ex breaking up w me after 2.5 yrs, so that tells you how important Rhaegs is to me. Rhaegar is more than just a dog. He’s my snuggle bug, running buddy, bestie that finishes my food when I’m full, he’s truly my best friend. •

If everyone could just take 30 seconds out of their day and say a prayer for Rhaegar I’d truly appreciate it <3

Happy Friendsgiving. Instead of 1 lame caption here’s 3 :-) Picture 1- those are icicle lights in the background for anyone wondering
Picture 2- when I asked God for a group of friends he brought me more than just that. He brought me girls who love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably, but most of all girls that have the sweetest souls I’ve ever met.
Picture 3- #flashbackfriday to my moms closet in the 70’s. #bellbottoms #paisley #groovybitch

Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would. 🌼

belle âme ♡

Snow White or the Evil Queen? 🍎

Getting into the Halloween spirit w/ the help of @hipstalyssa & @natalieelizabethh__ 🕷🕸🖤

Your 20’s are your selfish years.
Old enough to make the right decisions but young enough to make the wrong ones.
Be selfish with your time - travel, explore, fall in and out of love, be ridiculous and silly, stupid and wild. 🌸
Be 20something.
Cheers to twenty!

Kicking ass while getting that ass. Thanks so much for introducing me to boxing, Jo🥊

Most people say you can tell we are sister but I don't see the resemblance at all... #sistersorbestfriends

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