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Mariana L Marangoni  São Paulo, Brasil | 22 ♡

you don't need a certain number of friends.
You just need a number of friends
you can be certain of.
My bf 🌟

Tarde de sábado. ☕️.

be so full that even
if they take & take
& take & take
you can still be
overflowering. 🌸

ph: @clararaw

we dream despite gray skies


all we have
ever wanted
is to find
worth staying

"This boy will be famous.
There won't be a child in our world who doesn't know his name".
The Boy Who Lived, 26.06.97.
#HarryPotter20 ⚡️

we are most courageous
when we let go.

quando o amor
pedir um pingo de sua atenção,
o amor acalma
tudo o que é tempestade.

biri, bibi, gabi, gabizinha, nenê, teitei.. gabriela ♡

If only the seasons
wrote new stories on our bones
the way your laugh
seems to praise the earth
for blooming
ph: @clararaw

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