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Definitely a no pants day 😊 have a great one! Remember to take life one day at a time. Enjoy every minute of it and stay positive. Life is so much easier when you don't let every thing get to ya! 😚 #suicidegirls #redhead #ginger #sithlord #thewayofthesith

Not on my Patreon? Well that stinks! I share lots of unedited photos like this one, plus a photo set every month, access to Snapchat, access to discord chat, videos, blogs and much more. I'm very comfortable in my skin now, which years ago I wasn't. I'd have all my vitiligo edited out but now I'm ok with it. I'm ok showing it's there as it's a part of me. I hope you all have a great Monday and remember that no one is perfect, photos on social media are full of filters, edits and such. Don't get down on yourself because you're beautiful, unique and it's the imperfections that make us human and beautiful. ❀ photo by @zen_sgphoto #ginger #redhead #patreon

Have a great weekend ! See y'all on twitch 😊 I'll probably be playing Smite, kingdom hearts and more Prey! ( ) ps: shirt from @thesupergeekbox #gamer #sithlord #ginger #redhead

My sithlings are the best! @Ronin_Custom_Armory made this gift for me! Thank you! Let the dark side prevail!! Dont mind my akwardness! EDIT: Please watch the video before asking what happened to my lip...seriously I say in the video what happened. I literally bit it while eating tacos, no cause for concern! 😐 some of gone out their way to dm me to ask....i wish I had some kickass story for you but was TACOS! #sithling #sithlord #imadweeb #thewayofthesith

Good morning all! I hope you have an amazing day! I'd like to point out that if you're an asshole or a douchebag to me or any of my sithlings, I'll block you and call you out. I'm tired of seeing mean and rude comments on social media. Too often we just say ignore those people and allow then to continue to bully people. So I'm just putting it out there that I don't tolerate it on any of my pages. It's a swift ban 😊 ok /endrant #redhead #ginger #sithlord #girlswithtattoos #thewayofthesith

Happy mom's day! Even those who are mom's of fur babies. ❀ @gambit_the_human is my baby! #pets #furbaby #puppy

See ya at 11am pst for more Prey! ( 😊 #gamer #twitch #xboxone #redhead #ginger #prey

Shooting some new stuff for patreon today! 😊 I'll be posting some BTS shots on there as well! Poison ivy set anyone? ☺ #ginger #redhead #sithlord #bighero6

Happy hump day! I'm uploading some new stuff to my patreon(link in bio)! And loading up my Snapchat story! You get access when you sign up! I post monthly photo sets(40-100 photos), weekly drawing videos and monthly silly striptease videos. As well as blogs, movie/game reviews, behind the scenes photos etc. Also get access to my discord chat and Snapchat! 😊 Have a great rest of your week ! #ginger #redhead #sithlord

I have no idea what I'm streaming tonight but I'll be on! ( I'll be doing a giveaway also of an exclusive McCree from overwatch funko Lol! 😊 #twitch #redhead #ginger #gamer #xboxone

To all those people who take time out of their day to hang out and watch my streams, I want to thank you. YOU keep me going. YOU put a smile on my face. YOU make it worth it. I stream because I love hanging out with you and laughing with you. The sith nation is the best corner on the internet....even with all the moist bananas πŸ˜‰ If you haven't come by, check it out. I stream nearly every day and the community is what makes people stay, not the games I'm playing. ( #twitch #redhead #sithnation #ginger #gamer #sithlord

My theme song! Thanks to the awesome person who got me this shirt off my wishlist Haha! Don't mind my tired look...i literally haven't slept lol #ginger #redhead #sithlord #thewayofthesith

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