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Mara Gabino  Life Insurance Broker | Let's talk about Life! Network Marketing Business| Godfident 🙏 San Diego, CA. | 🇲🇽 🇬🇧 🌍🤝💛

How to stop a determined woman...
You can't.

Overwhelmed with gratitude. 🙏
God's power is limitless.❤
Believe in your dreams. It is YOUR responsibility to bring your #dream to fruition. God planted a dream in your heart for a purpose. No one else can dream it for you. No one else will accomplish it for you.
#thebigapple #nyc

Making myself at home in one of my favorite cities. #NewYork
May your life reflect your dreams, not your fears.
Feliz Viernes mi gente. 🙏💛

Not everything requires a 6 week self-help course. Not everything requires a coach. Not everything requires hours of meditation. And nothing requires waiting until the New Year, next month, week or until tomorrow.
Some things just require your choice.
Choose to be more masterful with your time and energy.
Choose to finally do it, you know what.
Choose to take action.
Choose to protect your alignment effortlessly, not forcefully. Choose to voice what needs to be voiced.
Choose a more rewarding relationship with money.
Choose to eat to nourish your body.
Choose to not be so affected by other people's energies. Just choose it, and let it be as simple as choosing it.
Choose Joy in all circumstances.
Choose to be present now, wherever you are, be present.
Choose for it to be easy to put your phone down.
Choose to trust yourself. Choose to honor your commitments.
Choose to say NO with more simplicity than ever.
Choose to let it go.
Choose to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS and follow through by evaluating your daily RITUALS.
Choose to create a healthier and better life. Just choose it & take action.
Choice is our super power. 💛

Los quiero. Buen Sabado.
#Decide #Choose #TakeAction

Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference.

The work I do on myself is not a goal, it is a process- a lifetime process.
I choose to enjoy the process.
I pray for your growth in 2018. I pray that you grow in love, I pray for your character & I pray that you live a life filled with Joy.

Thank you 2017 for LIFE.
Thank you for the blessings, the lessons, the adventures; thank you for the growing pains, for stretching my faith, for the No's, the setbacks, & the revelations. Gracias a Dios por lo que me das, por lo que me quitas y por lo que me dejas.
Here are 9 of my fav adventures abroad this year.
1. February in Cairo, Egypt visiting one of my best friends.
2. April- My friends wedding in Phuket, Thailand.
3.Taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand
4. Snorkeling in Ko Phi Phi island, Thailand
5 & 6. May- My best friends bachelorette party in Madrid, Spain.
7. June- A bridesmaid in my best friends wedding in Scotland.
8. July - Visiting one of my best friends in Brighton, England.
9. August- Exploring more of Spain: Granada, Malaga, & Marbella with great company.
THANK YOU friends for sharing life with me, for your friendships, for the adventures, the memories; thank you for hosting me, and for being there for me. You know who you are. Love you all so much!
Looking forward to LIFE & crashing my goals in 2018!! Elevate.
Feliz Año!!! #HappyNewYear

Dicen que en la vida quien pierde el techo, gana las estrellas y es así. A veces pierdes lo que querías, pero conquistas lo que nunca imaginaste. No todo depende del tiempo, sino de la actitud con que se mira la vida.
El tiempo es como un río, nunca podrás tocar sus aguas dos veces, porque el agua que ya pasó ya nunca pasará de nuevo.
Aprovecha cada minuto, segundo y hora de tu vida y recuerda: Nunca te fijes en la apariencia de las personas porque esta cambia con el tiempo. No busques a la persona perfecta, porque no existe. En cambio ama las imperfecciones de las personas, que eso es lo que las hace realmente únicas. Busca por encima de todo, a alguién que sepa tu verdadero valor, que te quiera, te respete, y acepte con todo y tus días grises. La vida no es color de rosa, hay muchas escalas de grises que pintan el paisaje de tus días.

Ten 4 amores y hazlos tuyos: Dios; la vida; la familia; y los amigos. DIOS, porque es el dueño de la vida y a él le debes tu vida y el estar aquí. LA VIDA, porque es corta y es la responsable de tus triúnfos, logros y alegrías. No seas amargado. LA FAMILIA, porque es única y son los seres que más nos aman sobre la tierra (usualmente, si tienes familia que te aprecia y lo siento si no). Finalmente; LOS AMIGOS, porque son escasos, son ángeles que Dios y la vida colocan en nuestro camino para acompañarnos en este viaje. Siempre recuerda dar un ABRAZO, una SONRISA, un BUENOS DIAS, un TE QUIERO, un TE EXTRAÑO, un TE PERDONO, o una DISCULPA. Son detalles que no cuestan nada pero llenan el ALMA.
No sean cobardes. #spreadlove

#edinburgh #Scotland #loveher #bestie @zolotareva88

Speak the truth with love & grace. ❤

Before you have a conversation with someone ask yourself these Q's:
1. Is my motive to help or to hurt?
2. What will my tone communicate?
3. Am I building bridges or building walls?

Put the relationship above the situation.

For every disconnect you encounter with someone this holiday - whether it's a family member or a friend - meet them with your heart. Meet them on the bridge, meet them where they are, with what tools you have - compassion, your truth and grace.
It doesn't mean you have to stay there with them, it just means you take ownership in your understanding of the world you live in, and the different people you share it with.
You cannot make homes out of other humans, nor can you see them as an emotional release.
Learn to navigate your emotions + rise bigger so you can hold space for a mature conversation to happen, without trying to shrink the other person because there is a difference or misunderstanding. Pay attention to what you pay attention to. Change will only happen when we become fluid in choosing it.

Wishing you all a very special time with your family and friends this Holiday season.
#Love #Grace #compassion


Your vision will only become clear when you look inside your heart. "Who looks out, dreams. who looks inside, wakes up." - Carl Jung

A quiet mind is more important than a positive mind.
Spend time in nature. Let your thoughts wander. Think. Be with yourself. In the quiet you will better hear the whispers of your soul.
More importantly - Learn to love your own company. 💛💙 #ILovetoSpendtimeAlone
📷 Thank you @dabreupics for capturing this moment.

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people - a great friend and mentor. Thank you for all the laughs & business advise. Whether we are at a networking event, charity event, having a coffee, or going for a walk talking business & life, I enjoy every moment & always learn so much from you.
Thank you for your continuous support - always real, encouraging, and full of laughter! Sending you a big birthday hug from California to Denmark.

Skepticism is the beginning of Faith. What are you? -To define is to limit.
We don't need to label everything. When you put a label on someone, you classify and constrict them which limits them from breaking out their true potential.

The right perspective makes the impossible possible. 💛

Feliz inicio de Semana.

You won't be distracted by comparison when you are #captivated by your purpose. 💥

Women on a mission don't have time for competition, drama or gossip. We are beyond that. #FocusOnWhatMatters

Feliz Viernes mi gente hermosa! #Arre

Flying into Singapore from the Philippines...
Work, Pray, Believe & Give Thanks.

You never eliminate fear, you only gain courage.
Courage, dear Heart. ❤🏌
#tb 2012 & 2013

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