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  a guy with a camera and a girl that I am engaged to @kseniyabluznyk 🔥

Great time hiking!!!

And here is more from Yestready. Today we woke to a beautiful veiw and we are headed to Hallstadt, will hike down from here!

Those Alps views make you post more than 1 picture a day haha

I went backpacking with my dad to alps today!
We have 2 more days to go.
Today we hiked to a cabin called Simonehutte!
More photos tomorrow!!!

Exactly in one week (7 days) it will be one year since I met @kseniyabluznyk
It is crazy to look back. It is sometimes scary to look back. How we met, how we were getting to know each other so fast and how fast our souls created a bond that God has evolved into being engaged and soon getting married.
When I do, when I do look back, I see two young kids falling in love, not knowing what God has in store for them. When I look at us now, I see two young adults that still have no idea what God will do.
As the wedding is getting really close we are discovering new stuff about each other, how we were raised in different cultures, with different ideas of what family should look like. But what I am thankful for, is that when we sit down and talk, we both want the same.

Crazy to look back. We had no idea. I remember just a few weeks into our relationship we discussed wedding. We both new we will have it, we both wanted to. And we thought we will date 2 years and than I will go to Ukraine for one year and we will get married. We thought that is the plan.
I am so thankful God had his own plan for us. I am so thankful God has opened the door for us to become THE ONE, this summer! I am so thankful God has opened the door for us to serve together and finally end the long distance between us for good.
We all are constantly learning to not plan on our own but with God. So I hope this crazy story is a lesson for all of us to stop being fools and finally let God do the planning. It sounds hard. It is. But as Martin Smith said, nobody ever said it was easy... .peace

Why we haven't started working together yet?

Shot some sick photos with Michael the other day!

This trip was legit. I am thankful and grateful for all of it but right now I am thankful I am home!

I got safe to London. @faithchild is treating me well and I am taken care of! Don't worry!

Trojhali was fiiiiiine!!!

On my way to London.
My flight is 2 hours delayed... a-adventure

I am so happy for @divineattraction to play at more festivals this summer and play on bigger stages! I can't help myself but it just fits them more than 6 stage decks and 2 subs.

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