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  Czech missionary in Czech Media specialist Married to my best friend @kseniyadusek ✝️

Still trying to understand that I am married. It takes time to realize it in all dimensions. But the more I realize the more stoked I am. It gets more real second by second and sometimes I think how did I end up with so great wife @kseniyadusek
People wished me blessings to our marriage on our wedding every 5 minutes but Milan Michalko said big truth that now I understand more and more. We are already blessed, now it's time to keep that blessing. And I can only agree I it's time to keep it, harvest our blessing, share it with others and be a blessing for others. Stoked to learn and grow in many many things alongside the coolest person I know. And super stoked to have God leading all of this.

So I finally went trough the pictures of that sick hike I did with my dad. It's on our blog in the link in bio. If you want a print of any of those pictures let's talk! Would love to make your living room cool.

My boi @faithchild just dropped sick music video. Make sure you check it out! #thatwasthen


A stairway to heaven

Our honeymoon is going great. Yesterday we spent a beautiful day in Salzburg!

It's hard to keep changes. After being away for a year, coming back to your home challenges you and especially it challenges the New YOU.
We all change and we all grow. I try my best to always seem God and his image to change myself towards that. When I look back at me a year ago I am super thankful for what change God has done in me.
Coming back home challenges that. It tries to make you get settled on small. It tries to make you a kid a again. It tries to tell you that you can be a boy and not a man. Being home with my family as well as with @kseniyabluznyk has been a great blessing. It has been a chellange too, to be a good son of my parents but also be a good leader and man to my almost wife.
So when you change, please don't others to take that from you. Seek God and his example and porsue that. Keep changing forward and never backwards.
Photo by @kseniyabluznyk

Fun day at @festivalunited
@corysimon finally crows surfed. Proud of @divineattraction and their performance yesterday.

What a view! It's amazing that in the middle of a town there is such a nice location!

Such a cool day today. I had the opportunity to meet the couple we are shooting a wedding of in October. We had some time to chat, exchange stories about our relationships, share some great moments and take cool pictures. Definitely looking forward to capture their wedding!

A great time with the fam in Olomouc. It was great to hangout with so many other missionaries that came from all over the country to watch the great flashmob!
Such a blessed time

This guy fired some serious dunks so I fired some serious portrait!

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