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I feel a little better. But I have lost some weight. I see that I am strategic kind of a person. I know, I am about eat hell big amount of sweets in the next few weeks, so I make myself lay down, have time for myself, rest and even loose weight doing that. I feel like some ladies running every morning and still being bigger then their SUV, are not happy with what I am accomplishing here right now.
Also I am already in the 3rd season of house of cards. But for my own justice for the 1st few days of me being sick I wasn't even able to watch anything. I just watched the ceiling or slept. Yesterday I was able for the first time to watch something..

This is @whpetr carrying my small backpack up the hill in Malenovice when I got 1st sick this week. After that Monday, when in the evening I had a fever, my physical state got much worse. The next day I had to work until very evening and next I had to travel from Ostrava to Budejce (6hours) and that was just too much for my body to hold. When I got home, my mum said I look awful and that I have to lay down. Even I was laying down, my state was getting even worse and she had to drive me to emergency because I needed some special pills.
It was funny. Before that she was helping me shower because I couldn't even take care of myself and she said that it's more than 10 years ago, when she had to help me shower. I felt like I am home.
When we came to the emergency my regional doctor from childhood was there. When I was a kid and something was wrong with me, it was her who we went to see, she always let me play with toys in her office and if I was brave, and ya know I was, she gave me some sweets too! So when we entered the emergency she was like "oh my favourite patient after long time here" she looked into my throat, she saw what was there, immediately knew what's up and she asked me where did I get this. I said that on Monday I came from Ukraine so I guess there. She asked me why I was there and of course I said that I have a girlfriend there that I go often to visit. And then my mum got involved in our conversation. She pulled her phone, showed her pictures of her and said some stuff about @kseniyabluznyk and I was feeling home for the 2nd time.
These days I have 38-39°C and I am just in my bed because I can't even get up. I don't eat, I don't do much stuff. Today I feel a little better so hopefully on Monday I can start working again.

Today me and @kseniyabluznyk went to Ternopil. We took this train and it has wooden seats and it goes for more then 3 hours... i guess i am baptised as an Ukrainian haha

Life gets easier with her. Not saying problems will fly away when you get a girlfriend. No, actually some new problems will rise up. But I what is different that you see hope. You both seek the solution, you both are aiming the same direction to God but not alone anymore. You have someone who helps you to get up and try again, someone who is always there and wins with you, fails with you and hopefully reach the "brighter tomorrow/future" with you. So @kseniyabluznyk thank you for being here and walking with me!

Ukraine I have missed you and I feel just happy to here with you...( @kseniyabluznyk )

I haven't bike for like 3 years and I am not planning to any soon!

For a past month I have spent a lot of time on trains. I'd say too much. So I am kind of stoked that in only 2 days I can get on 11 hours bus right haha

So today I had a day in Prague. I started working on a big project with @kam_cz and also I have put together first thoughts for a music video I will be working on with @divineattraction
Life is starting to be more interesting everyday

This was just amazing night to capture. More photos up on the blog

Prague see you in 2 days again.
Now let's go home to say hi to my fam!

Yesterday was a great time at @korzo_narodni but the weather was pretty bad since it rained half the time.

Colson and I have spent some time together this fall season. But if someone would tell me in September that we will connect the way we did... yes I would believe him. Haha! I will miss you @colsonthewabsabi !!! Keep rocking and stop being such a Jabroni!!

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