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Maria Khoreva  VBA student from Saint-Petersburg 🕺 MDM ambassador Loving and living ballet 💖 Enjoying every moment of my life 🌷

Tuesday meditative vibes 🤗
I was also trying new @grishkoworld pointe shoes and I might like them 🤔
Have a nice day dears! 🌹

Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him ☀️ (Aldous Huxley)
Really, we're all about our actions 🙂
Photo by amazing @yakovlevaira
Leo @maldiredancewear

Balance pad ❤
One of my absolute favorite exercises for stability and ankle strength. And the best thing is that you can multitask with this. For example work on you back leg and standing foot at the same 🤗

Hello everyone! ❤
So recently I've been thinking a lot about creativity and inspiration. It's a very important topic for me because I'm that kind of people who always want their lifes to be busy. I basically want to do a lot of stuff. And that's a short resolution I made 🙈
I want to try myself in different spheres, to expand my emotional and physical range and to explore more and more 💭
And I feel like now I'm really open to new projects and new experience 😊
What do you guys think? 🤔

Was experimenting with my pointe shoes a while ago. It's always such an artistic process 🙈

It always feels so strange to give yourself combinations in class 🙈
And to be honest I don't like it because there's a big chance to slack off and then get into some trouble 😣
But here's a little throwback to one of those "self-taught classes", I'm doing #tendus and #jetés 🤗
Have a great day dears! ❤

Sometimes life gives us hints about what we should and shouldn't do. And sometimes we just don't recognise them because we're too busy with planning every second of our future. I think from time to time it's necessary to stop for a moment and just look around - the reality has all the answers 💭💫 Photo by ah-mazing @yakovlevaira

Throwing it back to rehearsals 🙈
Photo by Alexander Ku 💫
Watching "Gladiator" and obsessing over it so much! 😍
What's your favorite movie guys?
Have a beautiful day! ❤

Don't stop believing 💫
С Рождеством, дорогие друзья! ❤

That concerned face tho 🤔
Some days I just put my phone camera near my feet, film a few seconds, think it's kind of a fun idea and then, voila - here's a new video on my page 😅🙈
Have a great great day guys! ❤

What a dramatic throwback you guys! Summer in Finland... ☀️ Feels like a long long time ago actually 🙈 Some very serious face right there 😅
Photo by @silaavvakum
The most comfortable ballet shoes by my favourite @mdmdance

Believe you can and you're halfway there 💭
Photo by wonderful @yakovlevaira

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