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✩Martha✩  Pfp by @charsarts_ Please don't trace my art! 15 years old Self-taught artist Requests:No Art Trades: Mutuals/close friends Single

wOW hey this took me like 3 hours but it was wORTH IT- also rip quality posting on pc kinda ruins it >:00
AAAH HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY MO! You're honestly one of the best friends I've ever had and I'd never be the same if I hadn't come across your youtube channel. And you've improved so much since then!! Aah i love you so much and I hope you have many more amazing years to come. I can't wait to meet you someday and hug you for real! But until then, happy 17th! I hope your day was amazing! @mdazzleyt

☆Full pic on my story!☆
Oh yeah hi I forgot to post this lmao
So heres Wolf Spider and a new oc, Jumping-Spider, aka Tyler Davids!

Y o
edit: omg sorry for the background noise lmao i recorded this at school and didnt realize it recorded audio ksksks

This is literally an interaction between Akka and Dylan
Also I ran out of space near the end oops-
#marstarsocs #dylanwestfall #akkastarja

Hello y e s I made a persona/oc for #thedragonprince bdjfkekf Shes a skywing elf and wow I'm really proud of how it turned out!
#tdp #thedragonprinceoc #tdpoc #thedragonprinceart #tdpart #skywingelf #marstarsocs

hm okay im obsessed with these dorks after season 2 of #TheDragonPrince aaa it was so good!! i was browsing twitter and someone suggested a headcanon that when rayla got cold her and callum shared his scarf and honestly,,, UWU

AAaaHHH I did a 3 way collab with my friends @charsarts_ and @wispiro and OMG IT WAS SO FUN AND IT TURNED OUT AMAZING AAAAHH 😭😭😭 PleASE Go check out their instagrams their art is so good sdkjfhjshrgjh

Happy valentines day everyone! I hope you have a day filled with love from family, friends, or significant others! ♡

Yo!! Guess who's jumping on the bandwagon eyyyy
This is wolf spider and shes my spidersona! Her suit can glow in the dark and her tail is a super cool hologram!
You guys should also check out my friends' awesome sonas. @charsarts_ @mdazzleyt @wispiro @weirdo_artist13 they have some really cool art too!!
#spidersona #spideroc #spiderverse #spiderman #spiderwoman #idkwhatotherhashtagstoadd

wow I love Dylan Westfall so much
#marstarsocs #intothemist #dylanwestfall

So we were supposed to draw a flag/symbol on our identity in Social and this is what I made! The eagle is supposed to represent love apparently

A smol doodle of akka during math uwu

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