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Life is not a reflection of what you want.
Life is a reflection of who you are.


What a purrrrfect evening 😻

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Girl Power πŸ’ͺ🏼
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Have the desire to inspire. I love admiring the strength of other women. Empowering and uplifting others is what life is all about.
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Happy 4th πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβœ¨#stopdrinkingtapwater

I'm reflecting on my first competition and all I can say is that the experience was worth more than any placing I could've gotten. I am so grateful for 2 First Callouts in Novice and in Open! In finals I placed forth in my Novice class and I couldn't be more excited to place! The girls backstage were all so nice. It's humbling to be around such beautiful women and their extraordinary physiques. Would I do a show again? FUCK YEAH. The thrill of walking on that stage is unexplainable. Was I nervous? Yeah a little... but the hunger to win and to present what I've worked so hard on overpowered any nerves I had. I'm so happy I got my feet wet with this competition. I learned so so much just being in the midst of all the chaos. I can't wait to take what I learned and apply it to my future comp. To be nationally qualified is the next goal.
Let's do it @one1mode!!!
Never ever doubt yourself because you can achieve the greatest of things this world has to offer.
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Months and weeks of training with @one1mode and I can say that he has made me push my limits past the stars. This competition prep has been the biggest personal challenge I've put myself through. Blood, sweat, & tears were shed. I've learned so much about myself. My weaknesses. My strengths. The will to endure anything thrown at me. The power to push through the hardships. Sometimes you have to swim through the mud to get to the other side. The ability to acquire anything great will not be easy, but you can make the journey there fun as long as you keep that sharp mental focus. Keep your eyes on the prize, babe.
Makeup and hair done by @lo_cherieeπŸ’“πŸ™πŸΌ
Thank you for making me so beautiful!!!!!
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Number 70 in Open Class B & Novice Class B!
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What do you do when it seems to get too hard to push through? What do you do when your muscles are about to give out from fatigue?
Those extra pushes here and there will make you so much stronger collectively.
We humans tend to make little decisions here and there that can add can up to a lifetime of greatness and success. Sometimes we tend to make a lot of decisions that set us back further and further from our biggest dreams.
You have the choice to take control of your life with every minute that passes. Live each hour to the fullest. Fill the time with what you love. -
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I am 2 days out from my first time stepping on stage. I feel a rush of emotions. I am ready though. The fire within burning and I can't wait to show the judges how hard I've worked. No matter what placement, I've already won in my head. I've achieved the best body I've ever had. Your physical appearance isn't the most important thing in life, but the work it took you to get there is. With anything in life, it's about how hard you grind when no one is watching. How many times can you get back up when you fall? Successful people do the things they HAVE to do if they WANT or NOT. They make the decision to never quit and to endure whatever life throws at them. Will you be one of them?
Create Your Lasting Legacy.
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Life never has to be boring πŸ˜›
Thank you @denialevents πŸ’œ

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