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Yeap Man Yee  ✈️✈️✈️

Mother’s Day dinner with boyfriend family💞 #potd #samadhi

Just me, you and the oriental pearl tower kinda date 💜 love the matching outfit throughout the whole trip🙈 #potd #shanghai

If life is a merry go round I’ll just ride on the bumpy ride, spin around and being merry🎪 #potd #shanghaidisneyland #merrygoround

I’ll never forget the moment you turn to me and say let’s go shanghai I want to bring you to achieve your dreams, thank you for the Disney trip❤️ #shanghaidisneyland #potd

Thank you @_chatelain for the longer and curler eyelash, this is not eyelash extension is my eye real lashes☺️swipe ➡️ for my original eyelash #potd

Thank you for your effort, I really do appreciate it, happy Valentine’s Day, I love you and to many more future valentines together❤️ #potd #valentinesday

There’s never one sunset the same, same goes to the one you love, always the special one and only one💞 #potd #sunset

Free and easy day in Busan 💞 #potd

Thank you so much for the Christmas gift, I’ve got the gift, which is you, you are the best gift I could have since the day I met you 1 and a half years ago❤️ merry Christmas please stay healthy and happy always❤️ #potd

His bucket list checked ✅ #potd

Jeju day 3! ☺️ too many photos don’t know which to post #potd #Jeju #winterwaterfalls 😂

Jeju day 3, before going out post a throwback picture first😎 saw some leftover ice from the previous snow in Jeju city #Jeju #potd

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